#WhyIMudder: Tough Mudder Scott Woods

By TMHQ | 27 August, 2019


The Mudder

Scott Woods, 45, Kansas City, MO
Vice President, Physician Network, AdventHealth Mid-America Region

Mudder History

2014 TM Full, St. Louis, MO
2015 TM Full, St. Louis, MO
2016 TM Full, Sedalia, MO
2017 TM Full, Sedalia, MO
2018 Tougher, St. Louis, MO
2018 America's Toughest, Austin, TX
2018 World's Toughest, Atlanta, GA
2019 Tougher, St. Louis, MO
2019 America's Toughest, Dallas, TX
2019 World's Toughest, Atlanta, GA

I Mudder to…

Challenge myself, learn about myself, and develop skill sets that will better prepare me for each and every day of the life journey. Life is an obstacle course. We often find our limits. We learn from these moments. We find ways to overcome the limits. And when we do, and keep going, we find more.

On the morning of a Mudder, I wake up feeling…

Excited, anxious, satisfied.

My favorite part of being a Mudder is…

Being confident and willing to do hard things that others are not. Tough Mudder provides an ongoing opportunity to fine-tune physical, emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and social skills that will not only allow me to succeed during Mudder events but will also provide a platform for me to be a more productive husband, employee, and member of society.

Being a Mudder has changed how I…

Train, eat, work, relate, and live. All Tough Mudder events, from 5k to World's Toughest, are representative of life. Tough Mudder events will require discipline to prepare, they will place you in uncomfortable environments, they will test your will, they will challenge your fears, they will require you to admit that you cannot make it through all alone, they will introduce you to failure—and then provide you the opportunity to overcome. You will stand at the starting line with no idea what awaits you or what variables you have not considered that will impact your journey, and it's up to you and your community to decide if and how to overcome the unforeseen. Life is all of the above. Tough Mudder events are brief representations of life that provide the opportunity to thrive within the much longer, and more important journey.

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