Your Excuses for Not Doing a Tough Mudder Are Bullsh*t

By TMHQ | 21 January, 2019


At Tough Mudder we’ve heard every excuse in the book for not getting to an event. Maybe you’re afraid, maybe you’re out of shape, maybe you left the oven on. Whatever the reason(s) you’ve used in the past, the fact remains that the only thing stopping you from having an incredible weekend filled with insane obstacles, tons of mud, and teamwork fun is... you. So before you dial up another excuse, check out our answers to some of the most common ones we’ve heard—and get hyped for the best weekend of your year.  


1. I can’t possibly run without a team behind me

No team? No problem. Just grab a spot in our all new Solo Runner Waves and get paired up with other lone wolves lookin’ to tear up the course. If you don’t want to run alone in 2019, you don’t have to.


2. I’m not some super athlete, no way I could do it

Our courses are specifically designed for everyone to conquer regardless of fitness level, whether you’re starting with a Tough Mudder 5K or going for the Tough Mudder Classic. Add in a helping of our legendary teamwork, and you’ll be crossing the finish line in no time.

3. I’m afraid to get shocked

Even though Electroshock Therapy is a fully badass way to finish off your Tough Mudder run, it’s completely optional. You don’t have to do it, but we definitely think you should. After all, conquering fears is kind of our thing.

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4. I just got my hair done

Oh you fancy, huh? We’re sure you look great, but Tough Mudder is your chance to switch things up and live your best life from the inside out. So step back from the mirror, and step into a some mud—you won’t regret it. And besides, you can always get your do, re-did.


5. Who’s gonna watch my kids?

OK, we don’t offer child care, but that doesn’t mean your little ones aren’t welcome. If you bring a spectator with you for moral support, they (and your kids) can watch you do your thing. Or, they can do their own thing: Kids 5-12 can conquer a Mini Mudder course, while teens 13 and older can try out a 5K.


6. I’m too busy

A wise man once said, “Time is a flat circle,” and we have no idea what he meant. The truth is everyone gets busy, but making time to go out and have new experiences is incredibly important for your mental health. So make a little me time and make it super muddy while you’re at it.


7. Getting dirty is not my thing

Steer clear of the mud but get a taste of epic obstacle action with Tough Mudder 5K Urban. These city-centre events have an incredible party vibe, are easy to get to and allow you to dip your toe into the Tough Mudder pool without getting wet or muddy. The only downside? You're guaranteed to want to try out our mud-filled events after this one.

Check out what’s to come in 2019, below—and then sign up for one of our epic events.