Tougher Mudder Championship Series

Exclusive challenges. 5 Regional Championships. 1 World Championship.

The Tougher Mudder Championship Series is based on the same core Tougher Mudder format that Mudder Nation has been taking on throughout 2018, including 8-10 miles of rugged terrain and 20+ signature Tough Mudder obstacles, with a few small twists: Unique Challenges on course, the ability to qualify for the Tougher Mudder World Championship, penalty loops for obstacle failures and higher prizing.

      2018 Tough Mudder Championship Series

    • 19 May - Tougher Mudder East Championship at Tough Mudder Philly
    • 9 June - Tougher Mudder West Championship at Tough Mudder Tahoe
    • 7 July - Tougher Mudder European Championship at Tough Mudder London North
    • 25 August - Tougher Mudder Central Championship at Tough Mudder Chicago
    • 22 September - Tougher Mudder World Championship at Tough Mudder Seattle

    For 2018 Tougher Mudder Regional Championships, athletes can register online by signing up for the timed, competitive Tougher start wave at any of the four events listed below.
    To qualify to compete at the World Championship event, Male and Female athletes will need to place in the Top 25 at one of the four regional Championships.
    Athletes who are unable to participate in any of the four Tougher Mudder qualifying events can apply through the below application by clicking the Tougher Mudder World Championship button. We will select athletes based on the strength of prior athletic performance at recognized events from across the athletic spectrum.


2018 Tough Mudder Championship Series

2018 Tougher Mudder Championship Series is officially launched. Placing in the Top 10 in any of our Tougher Mudder timed start waves throughout the UK or Germany, will earn you a spot at our European Regional Championships. Placing Top 10 in the European Regional Championships will earn you spot at our World Championship and the opportunity of winning $5,000.

2018 Cash & Prizing

Please be aware that all prize money will be paid at the end of the 2018 Tough Mudder event season.

  • Top Men's & Women's





  • European Regional Championships





  • 2018 World Championship





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  • Access to the First Start Wave
  • Official Course Time
  • Ability to win Prize Money
  • Performance
    Finisher T-Shirt
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