Toughest Mudder Exclusive Obstacles

Toughest Mudder is taking you the next level in your Mudder Journey. As case in point, the masterminds behind our heart pounding obstacles have made brand new obstacles and challenges, exclusively for Toughest Mudder participants. Check out the Toughest Mudder exclusive obstacles below and sign up for an event in 2017 before prices rise on January 26 at 11:59PM.

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2017 Events


  • King of the Swingers - Hang Time

    Taking the challenge of King of the Swingers to new levels, Mudders must hang on and swing out to the end of the pendulum, then launch themselves at the end of the swing and pray they can reach the hanging net. If you manage to grab the net and avoid falling in the water, hang on tight while the net slowly lowers you to the ground.

  • Arctic Enema - The Rebirth

    Upping the ante on the obstacle that already terrifies everyone, for Toughest Mudder we are adding an extra element of fear to it: confinement. Wrapped completely in a dark covering, Mudders will find out what it feels like to be trapped in a freezer. Bright underwater lights will illuminate the way and make this look like a twisted UFO. The only way out is forward.

  • Hero Walls - T-Boned

    We’re adding a new challenge to a classic feature. Two rows of 10’ tall walls with an added horizontal shelf protruding several feet out at the top. Start doing pull ups now...

  • Operation

    Like the classic child’s board game, this obstacle requires patience and a steady hand. However, in our version you’re standing in a puddle, the electricity is real, and failure results in a painful shock. The goal is to use a long metal pole to reach through the electric-rimmed hole in the wall and retrieve a ring hanging from a hook.

  • The Grappler

    Everest 2.0 is tough to do just once, so after 6 hours of running overnight it only gets harder. For those who can’t complete Everest 2.0, The Grappler will be available. Grab a length of rope attached to a small weight and give it a toss like Batman, lodging the weight in between the grooves of the grappling station on top of the face of Everest. Then haul your tired butt up to the top of the obstacle and drop the rope back down for the next Mudder.

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