Trouble Shooting

If you’re more of a get-muddy kind of Mudder℠ than a computer savvy one, you are in luck. We have the Tough Mudder troubleshooting guide that will help you correct the majority of website issues you encounter. The following steps solve the majority of registration issues.

It's strongly recommended to use a computer to manage your registration. If you are using an iPad or smartphone and having issues, please switch to a computer.

Step 1: Try a Different Internet Browser

Using a different internet browser is the quickest trick to fixing any issues when using the Tough Mudder website. Browsers like Internet Explorer and Safari can still access the site, but we strongly recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to avoid any problems. These browsers configure best with our website and will allow you to register, transfer and easily resend your confirmation email.

Download Google Chrome (free)
Download Mozilla Firefox (free)

Step 2: Refresh Your Browser

This is another quick trick that can help fix minor issues.

For PCs, click CTRL + R to refresh your page. (Example)
For MACs, click ⌘ Cmd + R to refresh your page. (Example)

Step 3: Clear Your Browsing History

If quick steps like one and two do not work, clearing your browser history, specifically your cache, will likely solve the problem. Simply, follow the easy steps below.

In Google Chrome:

  • Click the tool icon in your toolbar in the top right-hand corner
  • Scroll down to “History”
  • Select “Clear Browsing History”
  • Check the boxes:
    • “Clear Browsing History”
    • “Clear the Cache”
    • “Clear Saved Autofill Form Data”
  • Select “Clear Data”
  • Close out of the entire Google Chrome browser (important)
  • Log back onto the Tough Mudder website

For further instructions, visit Google Chrome’s Help Page.

In Mozilla Firefox:

  • Click the orange Firefox drop down menu in the top left hand corner
  • Select “History”
  • Then select “Clear Recent History…”
  • In the drop down, select:
    • “Browsing & Download History”
    • “Cookies”
    • “Cache”
    • “Active Logins”
  • Select “Clear Now”
  • Close out of the entire Mozilla Firefox browser (important)
  • Log back onto the Tough Mudder website

For further instructions, visit Mozilla Firefox’s Help Page.

Step 4: Update to the Latest Internet Browser Version

In other cases, your internet browser may not be up to date with the latest version. This can cause minor errors with the website, as compatibility is synced with the latest software. Not only will downloading the latest version help with interacting with Tough Mudder, but it will also improve your entire internet experience.

Download Google Chrome
Download Mozilla Firefox

Still got a problem?

If you are still having issues, feel free to contact Mudder Services.