Start Your Tough Mudder Journey

Your next Tough Mudder mud run is just around the corner. An adventure like no other, Tough Mudder is more than just an obstacle course.

Grab your friends, there’s a Tough Mudder event that’s perfect for you. 

The Choice Is Yours

Three different distances, all packed with obstacles. Choose the Tough Mudder challenge for you and earn your headband.

5K Logo
5 Kilometres & 13 Obstacles
Fast, obstacle-packed action is waiting for you on the Tough Mudder 5K course.
10K Logo
10 Kilometres & 20 Obstacles
Introducing Tough Mudder 10K, the perfect mix of world-class obstacles to challenge your team.
15K Logo
15 Kilometres & 30 Obstacles
The Classic Tough Mudder distance now features more obstacles than ever before. Different name, same formidable challenge.

Tough Mudder
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Company Number: 09556893
Registered address: 25 Wilton Road, London, SW1V 1LW