Tough Mudder is a series of obstacle and mud runs that will push your physical and mental limits without the pressure of competition. A community built on teamwork and overcoming obstacles, where stepping outside your comfort zone is the reward. When was the last time you did something for the first time?


Every Tough Mudder event is built on the foundation of teamwork and features world class obstacles. From 5K to running all night – we have an event for you.

Tough Mudder Classic MobGif

Tough Mudder Classic

The original. 10 Miles of mud-soaked mayhem, featuring 25 of the biggest and best obstacles around.

You’re Ready

Tough Mudder 5K

All of the mud and obstacle action of the Classic crammed into a 5 kilometre course.

Let’s Go

Group Ticket Packages

With one of our group packages you will experience Tough Mudder like a VIP – from personalized services to custom amenities, your team is guaranteed to escape the ordinary.

Start Planning

Tough Mudder City

The best-in-class obstacles and teamwork action that you’d expect from Tough Mudder in some of the UK’s biggest cities.

Join In

Endurance Series

Push yourself like never before across events from 10 miles to 24 hours.

Step It Up


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Alright, alright, alright. Tag your hype man in the comments 👇 ...

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For the first time ever Spartan and Tough Mudder will be joining forces for one epic weekend. Two badass brands are coming together to form the most epic festival ever seen in OCR. ⁠

Trust us, you don't want to miss it. Sign up now at the link in bio. ⁠


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This is the #TakeBackTheSummer energy we’ve been waiting for. ...

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Yes is the obvious answer here. ...

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Joe De Sena does Electroshock Therapy. 🔥 @spartan CEO @realjoedesena ...

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Our phone says: I love Tough Mudder because it's way more fun than @spartan. ⁠🤭 ...

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The celebration at the end is what we live for. ...

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My last two remaining brain cells. ...

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Give us the reason ⬇️ ...

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Our #MDW Sale is HERE. 🔥 Get 25% OFF events when you buy from now through 05/31. Fueled by @reignbodyfuel. ⁠

*Applicable to US only

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Share this with someone who needs it. ...

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So you're telling me there's a chance? ...

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When you have a Tough Mudder at 8 AM but your wedding's at 10. 💒 ...

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The mud wants you (and it won't let you go) 😂 ...

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THIS is what goes on in Area 51. 👽 ...

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✨ When you've been meditating + writing in your journal every morning ✨ ...

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POV: you meet the love of your life, finally settle down, meet the family and then find out they spend their weekends crawling through the mud.⁠

😈 ⁠

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