Ready To Tackle Them?
A woman in icy water looks shocked.
Arctic Enema

Arctic Enema is going to leave you with no choice but to chill out to the max when you take a dip in this 25' ice water swimmin' hole packed with 10,000 lbs of ice.

A man laughing in a tube
Augustus Gloop 2.0

Shimmy your way up inside a pipe, as water cascades down. As long as you enjoy tight, dark spaces and water you'll be good.

Black Widow obstacle
Black Widow

You'll be wishing you had four extra limbs when you face this web of tightropes suspended over a water pit. Grab on wherever you can and hold on tight as the movement of your fellow Mudders causes you to shake, rattle and roll.

A woman smiling in water, beneath a cage
Cage Crawl

This is a perfect chance to practice your backstroke...under 60 ft of steel fence with only a few inches of air. Muster up the mental grit and you'll do just fine. It’s as easy as breathing.

A woman winking from beneath a blue net
Devil's Beard

Devil's Beard is deceivingly difficult not only because this cargo net is staked down but because like any good devil we like to throw in a few surprise challenges.

Two women running through wires
Electroshock Therapy

This field of dangling wires delivers a punch at 10,000 volts. It's our way of saying congratulations.

A man runs up a half pipe

This will be the fastest you’ll ever summit this mighty mountain, but the fall is just as quick. Aim for the top of the quarter pipe and prepare to be hauled over the crest by Mudder Nation.

People swinging on metal wheels over water
Funky Monkey

Put your upper body strength to the test as you traverse a series platforms, ropes, wheels and bars to keep yourself out of the drink.

A woman giving a man a piggyback
Hero Carry

Hop on a fellow Mudder's back and take a ride, getting them nice and muddy along the way. Don't get too comfortable, though, because half way through it's your turn to do the carrying.

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