The Best of Workout Wednesday

Thanks to Lucozade Sport Official UK Trainer Born Barikor has been bringing Mudder Nation top training tips and workout sessions for the last two years.

Kick start your 2019 training with the best of Born's workouts below and don't forget to throw a high-five his way when you see him out on course.

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The Best of Workout Wednesday

From obstacle-specific workouts, to rep challenges and exercise variations Workout Wednesday has something for everyone. Check out our most popular workouts and give them a try for yourself.

  • 1. Partner Workout - NEW IN 2019

    This 2019 Workout Wednesday session is all about teamwork (of course).

    Just don't jump on your partner's stomach unless they have rock solid abs like Born Barikor.

    Full Body Partner Workout
  • 2. Strength & Cardio - NEW IN 2019

    Born wasn't going easy on anyone with this killer strength and cardio workout - perfect for those 'New Year, New You' vibes.

    If you don't have the equipment at home save this one for the gym.

    Boost Your Cardio
  • 3. Burpee Variations

    Yes the man can fly. Born's killer burpee workout was the most watched Workout Wednesday session of 2018.

    That either means Mudders love burpees or they enjoy seeing a grown man take flight.

    Five Reasons to Try Burpees
  • 4. Plank Variations

    It's time to blast your core with these seven plank variations that will also work your glutes and hamstrings.

    Form is key when it comes to planks so make sure your shoulders and bum are down and keep breathing.

    Get Perfect Plank Form
  • 5. How to Hot Step Everest

    Whether you're a seasoned legionnaire or simply looking to add a little flair to your obstacle domination the hot step is for you.

    Just don't forget once you've reached the top you'll need to turn round and help a few Mudders, that's just how we do.

    Top 3 Everest Tips
  • 6. Pull Up Variations

    It's time to get serious with Born's twelve pull up variations. Yes TWELVE.

    If you're really focusing on your upper body strength then try 1-3 reps of each. Just don't blame us when you can't fit in any of your tops.

    Why try Pull Up Variations?
  • 7. Box Jump Variations

    Okay we're seeing a pattern here, but variety really is the spice of life and box jumps can boost your explosive power.

    Find yourself a bench, low wall or step and see how you get on with these six variations.

  • 8. 50 Rep Challenge

    For a lot of people it's the challenge aspect of Tough Mudder that gets them out into the mud.

    Luckily Born has plenty of rep challenges for you - see if you can beat his time of 1 minute, 13 seconds on this 50 rep challenge.

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