Milestone Monday: Ben Jesson

Meet the incredible Ben Jesson, a remarkable individual who triumphed at Tough Mudder London South on the Paratreker Tough Mudder. Explore his extraordinary story in our blog.

Why do you run Tough Mudders?

“I have to say that it’s the complete sense of achievement which comes from it”

“To go completely out of your comfort zone and push so many boundaries to truly test yourself, the friendships which are forged in the mud on course make for some of the best, truest friendships you will find. Those people stick around and help you no matter what’s asked of them”

What challenges have you faced and how do you overcome them?

“Having a neurological disability, the main challenges of a Tough Mudder is that of how to get around the course and how to complete the obstacles

No any day could be classed as a challenge when you have a pair of legs that really don’t want to function properly, but it’s the mindset of being determined to go out there and smash through the course no matter what”

“Over the years I have gone from walking it to using a wheelchair with a support team, this year I was lucky enough to trial the Paratreker Tough Mudder, to seriously put it through its paces”

What is the Paratreker Tough Mudder?

The Paratreker Tough Mudder seriously designed piece of kit and can’t wait to see the finished design be rolled out for more adaptive athletes to use it”

“In terms of overcoming the obstacles, I know some of my support team will hate me here, but it can sometimes literally just throwing myself at it and launching myself out of the wheelchair and just going for it, while others take the support team to help push and pull me over them”

What does it mean to you to be part of the Mudder community?

Being part of the Mudder community just makes me smile every day, having competed in elite level sport at 2 Paralympic Games there it nothing better than being surrounded by mud brothers and sisters, overcoming their fears and challenges and making from pretty epic memories along the way.

Favourite obstacle?

That’s a good one, I have to say I love Electric Eel and Blockness Monster the most, however I think it would be epic to have a merger of the two, probably would rival some of the others out on course, showing who has the true grit to overcome their fears.

Are you returning?

Currently I am definitely planning on returning for another Tough Mudder and I can categorically say that it will be at my home event of London South. The reason I keep returning is due to the fun had, the challenges which I overcome gives me a true sense of achievement which makes me feel live once more instead of being confined to a wheelchair all the time. But then again it’s also the massive amounts of friends which I can catch up with in the mud.


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