Mud For It: Top 5 Moments Of Tough Mudder Manchester

Manchester EST Hero

This weekend over 8,000 Mudders flocked to a rainy Heaton Park (typical Manchester eh?) to get stuck into Tough Mudder Manchester. In a location that is well-renowned for hosting music and active events, this weekend, we well and truly brought the noise.

If you weren’t there, have no fear. Here’s the rundown of everything that went down.

1. Hero Of The Weekend

Representing Team Squid Hats, Chris Hill celebrated his 100th Tough Mudder this weekend. If you’ve been on the course in recent years, you’ve no doubt seen Chris and the Squid hats around. A well-renowned figure in the community, Chris has shown determination, bravery, and plenty of banter over the last couple of years, and we’ve loved it. Next time you see him, please give him a big Tough Mudder hug and congratulations. Don’t know about Team Squid Hats? Get to know them and the story right here.

2. We Had FREE Strawberries

Unlike a well-renowned tennis tournament happening this weekend too 👀 we had free strawberries for everyone courtesy of British Berry Growers.

Offering Mudders some much needed refreshment after battling the course, the strawberries were well received and ace. Not to mention the giant inflatable strawberry catching everybody’s eye.

That’s game, set, and match.

3. Not The Weather

Just like whether you’re a red or blue from Manchester, whether you like the rain or not is a polarising question. At least, Manchester is consistent as this is the second year in a row that it’s rained the weekend of Tough Mudder Manchester.

Some may not like it, but it definitely adds to the toughness of the weekend.

It wouldn’t be a weekend away in Manchester without a bit (or a lot) of rain anyway, eh?

4. It’s A Team Effort

Everybody knows that Mancunians are friendly and supportive people (maybe excluding Liam Gallagher and Karl Pilkington from that list) and so it wasn’t a surprise that the community spirit was top class all weekend.

Seeing Mudders push each other on and through obstacles, quite literally, was inspiring for everybody to see.

It’s what Tough Mudder is all about and we love seeing it. Shout out to these Manc Mudders braving and screaming through Arctic Enema.

5. Everyone’s A Winner

The perk of finishing a Tough Mudder, grabbing a beer, a headband, and plenty of other goodies in Heaton Park is still lost on us.

What’s more, Manchester Mudders were challenged to the fullest with the cheekier extra distances. 10K was generously extended to 14.8K and 5K to 8.5K. more of a challenge and more bang for your buck.

To us, the best treble in Manchester is picking up a beer, a headband, and a finisher t-shirt. Sorry, Pep.

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