Tough Mudder South West – A Brand New Challenge

This year we are taking Tough Mudder South West & Tough Mudder Half South West to the next level. The event will move to Badminton Estate, home of the world famous Badminton Horse Trials. While that’s nice, it’s not the reason we decided on this venue to carve out the next gut-busting South West course. Instead, you can look forward to these;

Course Diversity:

Badminton will offer one of the most diverse courses to be seen in the UK. The course will weave through a unique mixture of open rolling fields, dense dark forests and loads of thick, soupy mud. Some of the best we have seen.

Obstacle Menu:

The grounds of Badminton will allow our course designers complete freedom when rolling out the suite of brand new 2017 obstacles. So buckle up, South West 2017 is sure to test you. Often.


Location and Access:

Badminton Estate’s central location is ideal. Just off the M4 it gives Mudders easy access in almost every direction.

  • 30 mins from Bristol
  • 40 mins from Swindon
  • 60 mins from Cardiff
  • 100 mins from Exeter
  • 135 mins from London

Tough Mudder Half:

The results of early planning trips look like Tough Mudder Half South West will be one of the most enjoyable fun courses of the year. The variation, mud and obstacle location are set to bring new and veteran Mudders together like never before. Not sure if you’re ready? Take our Mudder Ready Quiz and find out. 

Did we mention mud?

The mud. Oh, the mud. It is going to be real. Prepare yourself for some serious shoe-sucking, leg-churning, ultra-gooey brown stuff. All that is left to discover is just how sloppy it is going to get after thousands of Mudders get done with this course.

Whether you’re new to Mudder Nation or racking up double-digit events, South West 2017 offers a new course experience to test Mudders of every level.

Join in the fun now. Tough Mudder South West or Tough Mudder Half South West.