Why this year’s season pass is the BEST value yet

We all know how hard it can be to decide on which event to go to…

Because let’s face it, they are all pretty EPIC.

Especially because Tough Mudder is going back to its old routes. Say farewell to 5k 10k and brace yourself for next year’s course, set to be an intense 10+ miles, featuring over 20 obstacles.

Bring your A-game or be prepared to get your ass kicked 😉


So, we have made your live’s a little easier and combined them all into 2 season passes.

  • Entry into all UK Tough Mudder events.
  • Discounts into European events.
  • 5 spectator passes.
  • Perks & swag.

Did you know doing 4 events next year costs the same as one season pass?

YEP, Incredible right?
Plus by purchasing this season pass you can get up to 40% off up to 4 friends and family tickets for any UK 2024 Tough Mudder event.

Learn more about the Essential Pass.


The Complete Pass

Starting at £560 this includes access to all UK events including Infinity and Europe’s Toughest Mudder.

  • Discounts into European events.
  • 10 spectator passes.
  • Perks & swag.

Plus much much more 👀
Learn more about the Essential Pass + here.


Life isn’t about one-and-done’s.

It’s about chasing new experiences and living an adventurous life.

Lucky for you, Tough Mudder is all about crafting unique adventures, one event at a time.

Choose your season pass now and prove you’ve got the grit.