In 2022 official Tough Mudder camping will be coming to:-

Tough Mudder Midlands
Tough Mudder London West
Tough Mudder Scotland
Tough Mudder Yorkshire
Tough Mudder South West
Tough Mudder North West
Tough Mudder London South

Camping Rules and Regulations

We want you and your fellow Mudders to have a great stay so to make sure you do, please stick to our simple camp site rules;

  1. All campers on arrival must check-in at the Camping Welcome Desk.
    1. Each camper will receive a camping wristband and tent tag which attaches to your tent. This shows us, and other campers, that you’ve paid (or are volunteering) and meant to be in the campsite.
  2. Campers can’t bring guests into the campsite. Only those who have purchased camping and with valid camping wristband may enter.
  3. Camping is tent camping only.
    1. Vehicles (including vans / trailers etc) are not allowed in the camping area and shall not be used for camping in the carpark. 
  4. Vehicle parking is not allowed inside the camp site. 
  5. Pets are not allowed in the campsite at any time.
  6. Each camper 18 years or older may bring alcohol for personal consumption.
    1. Camping Staff  will be present to verify age.
    2. Strictly no glass bottles.
    3. Tough Mudder / Spartan reserves the right to search bags and confiscate should the Campsite Manager deem necessary. 
  7. Due to fire risks, no open flames are allowed in the campsite.
    1. Cooking on disposable BBQS and gas cookers is permitted only within the designated area.
  8. Tough Mudder UK / Spartan UK camping staff will be onsite at all times whilst the campsite is open. A member of the Tough Mudder / Spartan camping team should be your first port of call in an emergency.
  9. Camping staff patrol the site, but if you’re worried about something being stolen, don’t leave it in your tent. 
  10. Say hello to your neighbours to build a community feeling and provide greater security. Look after each other and if someone is feeling ill, get help.
  11. Please respect the Quiet Zone. We have put it in place for those who are running the next day or volunteering at the event, so please make sure they’re able get a good night’s sleep. The noise curfew for this zone is 10pm.
  12. No sound systems or amplified music are allowed on the campsite. There will be a noise curfew of 11pm each night.
  13. Water across the site is limited, please be considerate and use only as much as you need.
    1. Drinking water is provided from a mains supply, or similar. 
  14. Campers may re-enter the event site but will be required to display their camping parking pass in order to avoid charges at the event.
  15. Please respect nature and the venue and clean up after yourself when you leave.
    1. Please don’t leave any camping kit behind.
    2. You’re given a bin bag upon arrival at camping – please use this to dispose of rubbish.
    3. When you leave camping simply dump your bag in the skips provided.
  16. If at any point in time campers are found to be breaking the campsite rules, Tough Mudder UK / Spartan UK  reserves the right to eject campers from the site.
  17. In a change to previous years volunteers will now need to pay for camping and will be reimbursed when their shift is completed.