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The Challenges You Must Complete

Mudder, these are your compulsory challenges. To be considered a Tough Mudder Challenge finisher (and to earn your swag) you’ll need to complete these four tasks within 21 days. These challenges aren’t for the fainthearted and they’re going to take determination and mental strength. We know you’ve got it in you.

Turn the Heat Hof

At TMHQ we’ve been telling you for years that cold water is good for you and we’ve found someone who agrees, so we’ve teamed up with Wim Hof for this mind over matter challenge. Get ready to follow the Wim Hof Method for the next 20 days and gradually increase your cold shower duration. This will take strength and dedication so you should build up gradually as per the timings in the doc below. Just remember heating is cheating so you best get comfortable with the cold tap.

WIN: This month you could be in with the chance of winning a signed copy of The Wim Hof Method access to the Wim Hof Fundamentals course. All you have to do is complete the activity, take a photo and share it to social media using #TheWimHofMethod and #ToughMudderChallenges. Good Luck Mudder.

If you don’t have a shower, use the same timings to gradually lower yourself into a cold bath, or get outside and turn the hose on.

Level Up: Sounds too easy? Go straight for the minute and work up in 30 second intervals from there.

Challenge Instructions: Turn The Heat Hoff

Download the Instructional PDF for details on how to complete the Challenge.

Please watch the above Video for a demonstration of how to complete the Wim Hoff Shower Method.

Pen-guin And Bear It

Unlike any other penguin, Emporer penguins raise their young during the Antarctic winter. Much like Mudders, they are undaunted by fierce winds and plummeting temperatures. Some colonies take an incredible 70 mile trek to reach their breeding grounds. Its up to you how you get it done; walk, run, cycle or waddle like a penguin for 70 miles. You have 21 days.

Level Up: A female Emporer penguin is one tough mother. After laying a single egg, they trek all the way back to sea in order to feed. You know where this is going right? 21 days, 140 miles.

The Cold Burn

Feeling a little chilly this winter? The best way to get warmed up is surely with a body-burning 1000 rep workout. This month, with Greg James’ help you’ll tackle 200 front to back lunges, 200 yoga push ups, 200 pike leg liftovers, 200 squat to side lunges and finally 200 Supermans.

Level Up: Forget feeling the burn. Go nuclear and take on this workout every week of the Challenge.

Challenge Instructions: The Cold Burn

Please watch the above Video for a demonstration of how to complete the Cold Burn exercises

You’re Sheeting Me

We couldn’t believe it either but the average thickness of an ice sheet in Antartica is 1,300m. Can’t imagine it? Well you’re about to take it on IRL. Over the next 21 days you need to need to cover 1,300m (4,265 feet) in elevation.

Have you taken on every Tough Mudder Challenge so far? Add an extra 94m (306 feet) to this final activity and you will have climbed the height of Mount Everest over the last six months – that’s an one immense achievement Mudder.

Level Up: Want to end the year with a bang? Take on the sheet at its thickest, in the east where the average is 2,200m (7,217 feet).

Choose Your Activities

Choose two activities out of the four.
Highway to Spell
Christmas is just around the corner. It’s time to put your inner Scrooge aside, get in the festive spirit and become your holiday alter ego.

Step 1: Click the button below and find your Snowman name by your first initial of your first name and your birth month

Step 2: Use the Workout Chart to complete the corresponding exercises of your snowman name. (If you can’t do a particular move associated with a letter, pick one you are able to complete).

What is 1 Repetition?
Lunges – Each time you lunge is 1 Rep. For example, 1 left footed lunge followed by 1 right footed lunge would be 2 total Reps.
Jumping Jacks (aka Star Jumps) – Each time your arms are at your sides and your feet are together is 1 Rep. For example, when you jump, spread your feet, and hands reach towards the sky then you jump, bring your feet back together, and your arms return to your sides would be 1 total rep.

Level Up: Have you been ready to decorate the tree and knock back the egg nog since July? Once you complete your Snowman name workout, Find out your elf name too using the last letter of your first name and the month you were born in.

Use the Winter Workout Chart to complete the corresponding exercises to your Elf Name. (If you can’t do a particular move associated with a letter, pick one you are able to complete).
Rope A Dope
To cross Antarctica, you’re going to need some serious teamwork – unless you’re Colin O’Brady. In mountain sports, especially climbing, a rope team is a group of mountaineers or climbers who are linked together by a safety rope, which protects the team from falling.

In the spirit of expedition, grab a partner, roommate, stuffed toy or pet and make them part of your rope team. You’ll need to cover a 1/4 mile (400 meters) 3-legged race style.

Level Up: So your whole team wants more? Complete one whole mile 3-legged style. We hope you still like them by the end.

Be COVID safe. Only attempt this challenge with another person if they are part of your support bubble or someone you live with, and follow local COVID guidelines.
Look Ma, No Hands
This activity is going to teach you a skill that… has absolutely no application in an Antarctica expedition environment. We just thought it would be fun, mainly for when we get to see videos of Mudder Nation attemping it.

Fill a plastic cup with 5 OZ of water. Place the cup on your forehead. Without using your hands or arms, you must get the cup from your forehead to the ground without spilling any water. You are not allowed to use a partner, rope, or adhesive to assist you in your efforts. You may only use your own body, with the exceptions of your arms and hands. To complete the challenge, The cup must be standing right side up correctly on the ground. Bottles or cups with lids are cheating.

Level Up: Thought this activity was a little dry? Fill the cup to the very top and try again. This time you may spill water as you attempt the activity, however you must have at least 2 ounces of water in the cup upon completion.
Polar Plunge
Time to channel your inner polar bear because we’re going polar plunging. To complete this activity, you will need to jump, walk, or run outside into the ocean, a pond, a pool, a lake – whatever safe, outside body of water you have at your disposal. Don’t be afraid to get in the holiday spirit and get all dressed up for the chilly occassion and make sure you get wet from head to toe. No Mudders, hot tubs and heat pools do not count – this has to be an unheated body of water.

Please stay safe as you attempt this activity. Do not dive into the water. Make sure to know the depth prior to going into any body of water. Make sure the water is safe and clean – no swallowing.
Choose two activities out of the four.
Layer Up
It’s looking chilly out there Mudder Nation, time to layer up. Your goal is to put on as many t-shirts (preferably Tough Mudder finisher t-shirts) as possible. The more the merrier as the old saying goes.

While wearing as many layers as you can fill two plastic cups with water all the way to the very top. Get in a wall sit (your knees must be at a 90º angle) and place one full cup of water on each knee as close to the bend as possible. Perform a wall sit for 2 minutes without spilling any water. If you spill even a drop, you must start again.

Level Up: Could you be wearing anymore clothes? Of course you could. Level up this activity by taking on the 100 layer challenge – the clue is in the title. Once you’re wrapped up, perform a 2 minute plank. It’s going to get real sweaty in there…

100 Layer Challenge
100 total articles of clothing on your body


Once you have all 100 layers, peform a 2 minute plank
You CAN do it
Don’t be a grinch, get in the giving spirit and donate to your local food bank. Don’t know where to find one? Try to help locate the closest food bank to you.

We suggest dropping them a quick call to see what they need more (some may have a website with this information) so you can provide what they really need. Alternatively most supermarkets also have donation baskets as you exit the store. Buy a few extra essentials and drop them in there.

Level Up: Don’t want to slack? Make sure you run to the shops, to the food bank and back.
Two’s Company
The festive season is all about people coming together – even this year. Grab a fellow Mudder, friend, or family member and take on the Two’s Company Workout.

Two’s Company is a circuit style workout, consisting of 3 rounds of 5 exercises. With the help of a stopwatch or timing app, you and your partner will perform each exercise at the same time for 45 seconds. Your goal is to perform as many reps as you can in the 45 second timeframe. In between each exercise, you and your partner will have a 15 second rest period before the start of the next exercise.

(Note: For the “High Knees Pulsing Warrior 3” exercise, you and your partner will do this exercise twice each time through the circuit, so each of you do each portion of the exercise.)

Once you complete each round of the circuit, take a 2 minute rest before starting the next round. Once you have completed 3 rounds of the exercise, the challenge is complete.

Level Up: Haven’t gotten fed up with your quarantine buddy yet? Take on Ryan+Alex’s complete couple’s workout challenge. Feel free to tweak any exercise as needed or skip those that you don’t feel comfortable doing.

Be COVID safe. Only attempt this challenge with another person if they are part of your support bubble or someone you live with, and follow local COVID guidelines.
Feet of Strength
Tis the Season to be Freezing.

For this challenge you will need a bucket that is large enough to place both of your feet in and the bucket must have a height of at least 1 foot. Fill the bucket with at least 9 inches of cold water. Place 10 small household items in the bucket of water (good options would be marbles, dice, Legos, game board pieces, blueberries, etc). Now place your feet in the bucket and remove all the items using only them. Here’s the twist though, you must also do it blindfolded. When you have collected all the items, stand up and pour the bucket of water over your head (don’t forget to record this moment of triumph). Share the action on social with #ShowerofChampions to be in with the chance of winning a prize from our Official Shower Partner Grohe.

Level Up: We know you all miss Arctic Enema just as much as we do. Fill your bucket of cold water with at least 250g of ice.
Choose two activities out of the four.
Last Call
We’ve made it to the final week of the last Tough Mudder Challenge of 2020 (and almost to the end of 2020 itself). You deserve a drink. Create your own finisher drink and remember to keep it festive. To celebrate the occasion, get dressed up in your ugliest Christmas jumper while you enjoy your finisher drink.

Level Up: We’re going South Pole Spinning (aka Dizzy Bat). Get a whiffle ball, baseball, or cricket bat. Quickly drink a beer, seltzer, or beverage of choice. With 1 end of the bat on the ground, place your forehead on the other end and spin around 20 revolutions. Have your partner toss a ball and you try to hit it with the bat.

Be COVID safe. Only attempt the level up option with another person if they are part of your support bubble or someone you live with, and follow local COVID guidelines.
Jingle Bells
Just because it’s December, doesn’t mean you have to slow down. In this activity we will be testing your speed and endurance but also helping to strengthen your body and test your cardiorespiratory system. To ring in the holiday spirit you must complete this workout while holding a bell or tying a jingle bell to your shoe lace or clothing. Jingle all the way Mudder.

Warm-Up: 5 minute easy jog
Run: 3 minute at 80% pace
Strength: 1 minute squats – as many reps as possible (AMRAP)
Run: 2 minutes at 90% pace
Strength: 1 minute walking lunges AMRAP
Run: 3 minutes at 80% pace
Strength: 1 minute mountain climbers AMRAP
Run: 2 minutes at 90% pace
Strength: 1 minute plank
Run: 1 minute at 100%
Strength: 1 minute push-ups AMRAP
Cool Down: 5 minute easy jog

Level Up:Leave the bells on for the rest of the day to spread holiday joy to everyone one you see.
Tough Cookie
Do your best Mary Berry impression and create the Tough Mudder logo out of gingerbread and icing. The more the merrier with this one, so get family and friends involved to work on your gingerbread masterpiece but Be COVID safe. Only get other people involved if they are part of your support bubble or someone you live with, and follow local COVID guidelines. If not, try a virtual cookie making contest.

Level Up: Think you’ve got what it takes to create to go over and above? Create an obstacle instead.

D’Ice Challenge
Congratulations on making it to the final week of Tough Mudder Challenges 2020. As a special treat we’ve put together our favourite exercises of 2020 for this workout (that’s what you wanted for Christmas, right?). All you will need to complete the workout are a couple of dice (if you only have 1, that will work) and the D’Ice Workout Chart (below). For instructions on how to do each exercise listed on the D’Ice Workout Chart, please watch Greg James’ instructional video below.

To begin, roll 2 dice. This number will determine what exercise you will do (example if you roll an 11 you will do Lateral Jumps). You will then roll the assigned number of dice for the workout you rolled. The sum of the dice you rolled will be the number of reps you will do (example for lateral jumps you will roll 3 dice, if the 3 dice show 3,4,2, you will do a total of 9 reps of this exercise). This is one set. To complete the challenge do a minimum of 10 total sets.

Level Up: Continue rolling the dice and do the associated exercise until you have done each exercise at least once (rolled 2 through 12 a minimum of 1 time)

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