This is it. Tough Mudder Challenge – Mission: Sea to Space starts here. Below you will find the four compulsory challenges that you must complete and track. Every week for the next three weeks we’ll be adding a new round of challenges, there’ll be four and you’ll have to complete at least two to cross the finish line.

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The Challenges You Must Complete

Mudder, these are your compulsory challenges. To be considered a Tough Mudder Challenge finisher (and to earn your swag) you’ll need to complete these four tasks within 21 days. These challenges aren’t for the fainthearted and they’re going to take determination and mental strength. We know you’ve got it in you.

Out Of This World

Join everyone’s favourite marsupial as you battle 62 miles through N. Sanity Island – the first world you face in Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. Tackle this over the next 21 days however you like; running, cycling, swimming or maybe even rollerblading. Don’t forget to share your completed activity with #Crash4 and #ToughMudderChallenge across social media to be in with the chance of winning 1 of 15 copies of the brand new game.

Level Up: Think you’ll complete the first world no problem? Level up and take on another 62 miles (that’s 124 miles/200km in the next 21 days).

Tracking Instructions:

Visit your Mission: Sea to Space profile and log in to your account. If you have a qualifying wearable/app, connect your device/app so that your data syncs over (you can do this from your Profile if you haven’t already). Remember to track your workouts so that the data syncs over. Data will sync for running, walking, biking, and hiking exercises that you track.

– If you do not connect a device/app, you may add your data manually after you log in. Simply click on the +Activity button at the bottom. Then select the activity you completed (run, walk, bike, hike, other) and input the distance completed. You may add a picture or two if you wish. Then press Save & Exit to record your data and see your progress circle fill up as you go. 

Rise and Shine

The early bird catches the worm so they say. Just like basic training, complete this military inspired workout before sunrise. The total 1,000 reps can be completed in one go, or during the duration of the 21 days.


200 Backward Crawl to Standing Frog Jump

200 Candlestick Rollups

200 Crab Toe Touches

200 High Knees to Toe Touches

200 Plank Taps

We know that Mudders come from all walks of life so if completing this before sunrise isn’t possible, make sure you do it within an hour of waking up and swap out any exercises that you cannot physically complete but make sure to keep that total to 1000 reps.

Level Up: Complete the 1000 reps each week for 3 weeks. Feel that burn.

What is 1 Repetition?

Backward Crawl to Standing Frog Jump – Crawling backwards, standing up and frog jumping forwards = 1 rep.

Candlestick Rollups – starting on your feet, ending on your feet = 1 rep

Crab Toe Touches – Each toe touch counts as 1 rep, so right toe touch followed by left toe touch = 2 reps.

High Knees to Toe Touches – each complete movement is 1 rep, so high knee right, high knee left to toe touch right, toe touch left = 1 rep.

Plank Taps – Each shoulder tap counts as 1 rep. For example, shoulder tap right and shoulder tap left = 2 reps.

Challenge Instructions: Rise and Shine

Please watch the above Instructional Video for a demonstration of how to perform exercises and alternative exercises for those who are unable to perform the standard exercises

Afraid Knot

We’ve taken a page from the Navy SEAL’s training handbook for this one. You need to tie 3 knots in 5 minutes with your hands fully submerged in cold water. Just be thankful we aren’t asking you to do it fully submerged in one breath like a true SEAL.

Just remember, everyone reacts differently to the cold, so if you are particular susceptible (e.g. have Raynaud’s) then shorten the time your hands are submerged and do it in a few timed blocks.

Level Up: Sounds too easy? Try 5 knots in 5 minutes and don’t forget to add ice to that water.

Challenge Instructions: Afraid Knot

Download the Instructional PDF for details on how to complete the Challenge.

Earn Your Wings

It’s time to take to the skies Mudder – well sort of. Inspired by the high life of fighter jets you need to get among the clouds and gain 5,000ft of elevation over the next three weeks.

Level Up: You know what they say. Big feet means big… ambitions. Wear shoes at least 2 sizes too big and complete 500ft of elevation wearing them.

Choose Your Activities

Choose two activities out of the four.
Battle Buddies
A Battle Buddy is much like a being paired with a fellow Mudder out on course. They are someone who’s there to help keep morale high and get you over any obstacles that get in your way.

For this activity you need to keep within a 3m distance of the same person, or any significantly large item such as a giant teddy or your favourite pooch, for 12 hours straight. Everywhere they go, you must be within 3m of them and visa versa, so pick someone or something you are close too.

Sleeping is cheating so make sure that the 12 hours are when you are both awake, and be COVID safe. Only attempt this challenge with another person if they are part of your support bubble or someone you live with.

Level Up: You better really like your buddy. You’re going 24hrs with them 3m away at all times.
Field Hygiene
Hot showers are hard to come by during Military training, your clothes are nearly always wet from being out in the elements, and being able to multitask is key. For this activity you need to get yourself clean and wash your clothes at the same time. Get the soap and shampoo at the ready and stay fully clothed, but no sneaking that temperature up, this full length shower has to be done cold.

Our friends, and Official Shower Partner, Grohe are giving Mudders another chance of winning this month so make sure you share the action on social with #ShowerofChampions and tag @GroheUK.

Level Up:Make sure that temperature gauge is set right down to the lowest it can be and throughout the shower spell your name repeatedly using the phonetic alphabet. If your name is Adam Smith it would go something like this: Alpha, Delta, Alpha, Mike, Sierra, Mike, India, Tango, Hotel over and over until you and your clothes are clean!

Challenge Instructions: Field Hygiene

Grab and Drag
A classic miliary move, the weighted sled pull is a brutal full body conditioning exercise. You won’t need to hit the gym though, simply grab something that’s at least 15kg (a tire, a bag filled with weights). You’ll need to drag it for 245 feet (75m) in one direction. You’ve got 2 minutes and 45 seconds to complete this exercise. We’re going to need photographic evidence.

Level Up:Feeling hardcore, turn and pull it 245 feet back as well but make sure you complete it in the 2 minute 45 second time limit.
This #PerformSmart HIIT Workout with Greg James in partnership with our friends at PhD Nutrition, will bring you through a full body Tabata inspired HIIT workout to get you in top notch shape and ready to tackle any Tough Mudder obstacle. Greg will guide you through four rounds of Tabata HIIT movements. Each of the four movements will include consist of 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work at maximum effort, followed by 10 seconds of rest. The four workouts, targeting your upper body, core, and lower body will include pushups, squat jump, sit-ups and plyo lunges . For more PhD content and to stay up to date on PhD’s latest offers, follow them on Instagram.

Week 2
Choose two activities out of the four.
Flight Club
Throw on your flight suit and goggles Mudder, it’s time to create your very own flying machine. Design and build your very best paper airplane using a single sheet of A4. To complete the activity it must be able to fly for 10 metres and land in a hanger (basket, bin, bowel etc).

Level Up: Bigger is better. You can use a sheet of A3 and your plane must be able to fly for 20 meters before landing.
Head Over Heels
‘I put teamwork and camaraderie before my course time’. Its right there in the pledge and whilst we may not be on-course in the traditional sense this one is all about teamwork and camaraderie.

Get dressed up in your best Tough Mudder swag (or anything orange for those who are new to us), and grab a friend or family member you trust to catch you, we’re revamping the good old trust fall.

Repeat the words ‘we are Tougher Together’ and fall backwards off a small step into the arms of your trusted partner who will be there to catch you……. hopefully.

Be COVID safe, only attempt this Challenge with another person in your support bubble or someone you live with.

Level up: We really hope you trust your team mate. Put a blindfold on and fall forwards instead.
The Navigator
Navigation is a core military discipline, in fact its so important that it has a role named specifically after it. The Navigator is responsible for planning the journey, keeping track of timing to destinations and knowing the teams position at all times.

In no more than 60 minutes, and by using your own navigation skills you need to run, walk or cycle to roads or places that start with each letter in the phrase TOUGHER TOGETHER. The letters don’t have to be found in order and one road or place can count for multiple letters. Only the first letter of each road or place name counts. Make sure you take a photograph at each road or place name and post to the Facebook Group as proof of completion.

Level up: You’re moving further and navigating more. You must spell TOUGHER TOGETHER in spelling order and you can only use each road or place name once.
Dark Ops
Get off the grid Mudder, this is now a covert mission. You’ll need to switch your phone off and ditch all tech for twelve full hours and while you’re sleeping definitely doesn’t count.

Level up: You have one chance to contact family or friends – write them a letter or postcard and update them on how the Challenge is going.
Week 3
Choose two activities out of the four.
Murph Workout
Beloved by Crossfitters and trainers all over the world the Murph Workout is done in memory of honor Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who died in the line of duty. This was his favourite workout, so do it justice Mudder Nation.

In one session you need to complete a one-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and another one-mile run. Alternatively you can swap pull ups for sit ups, and full push ups with knee push ups

Level up: Push yourself to the extreme and get this done in under 50 minutes.
This mission isn’t all about brawn. Time to engage your brain. Using International Morse Code crack these eight secret messages from TMHQ.

Level up: Brains alone won’t get you through a Tough Mudder Challenge. Add a 5K run to this activity to complete.

Challenge Instructions: Codebreaker

Flame Grilled
A mission like this doesn’t come with five star dining. Set up your own campfire and without using kitchen utensils cook your meal of choice. And before you ask, no a barbecue does not count.

Camo Crawl
Camo is key on a covert mission like this one. Army crawl through the mud for 50 metres and make sure that by the end you’re so covered in dirt, leaves and grit that not even your own mother could recognise you. This isn’t summer camp though – your crawl isn’t complete without a 15lb weight on your back.

Level up: Fact: things stick better when they’re wet. Soak yourself before you get out there and of course, double the distance to 100 metres.

Track Your Activities

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