Event Date: 6am-6pm 20 March 2021

Sun Up ’til Sun Down

Ready for 12 straight hours of give-it-all-you-got physical endurance from sun up to sun down? The spring equinox marks the kickoff of better weather, outdoor running and signals the Tough Mudder season kick-off is only weeks away. Whether you’re in training for one of our overnight Toughest Mudder events, joining us just for fun, going solo or attempting a group effort (getting together with your local crew), your 5-mile laps will be interspersed with challenges to test your physical and mental grit.


– A live Zoom race centre will be in operation throughout the event.
– Two weeks out from the event you will receive a ‘shopping list’
– One week out from the event you will receive the event plan.
– The day before the event there will be a rules briefing. 

If you have also signed up for a Stride or Elevation Challenge, the distance achieved in this event can be included in the total for that. Just make sure you are signed up and have activated the Challenge on FitRankings before you do this event.

Share your journey and your finisher photos in our dedicated Facebook Group.