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£185 / EA.
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Team Relay
£185 / EA.
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The most extreme test of endurance
The most extreme test of endurance
This year, we’ve cranked things up a notch. You told us Europe’s Toughest 2023 was a toughie, but this year we’ll be challenging you like never before. This extreme, 12 hour experience will push to you limits you’ve not yet experienced. If late nights, killer tunes and plenty of teamwork aren’t your thing, stay away. Oh an you’ll need a dedicated pit crew and plenty of carbs for this one.
Startline in rain and dark
A Unique Experience
Overnight Adventure
Just because it will be dark doesn’t mean we won’t be having a good time. Along with food trucks, coffee stands and music, Toughest Mudder features a dedicated overnight pit area. Complete with early load-in, phone chargers, event announcers and killer tunes, a separate space within the pit will be allocated to each participant or team.


Tough Mudder Finisher Headband


Just like every Tough Mudder event, you earn the right to rep a sweet finisher headband.

Tough Mudder Bib

Event Bib

Every athlete receives participant bib to rock during (and after) each event.


Cross the finish line as a category place getter and be rewarded with 2024 medals unique to Toughest Mudder.

Tough Mudder Distance-Based Achievement Awards

Mileage Patches

To represent every mile you push yourself through out on course. A true badge of honour.

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