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New Events Added: Bristol & Manchester Up Late

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5 awesome kilometres, 10+ teamwork-filled obstacles

Forget plodding around the local park with your headphones in, Tough Mudder is here to turn your boring Saturday morning 5k on its head. We’re bringing all of the teamwork, camaraderie and epic obstacles from a classic Tough Mudder event, leaving the mud behind, and dropping them straight into the city.

Delete your podcasts and motivational playlists, and instead, grab your mates because running has just become a team sport.

our City Locations

Up until now the only way to experience the scale of our world-class obstacle courses was at Tough Mudder. But, now we’re bringing them right to the heart of your city.

Free stuff you’ll get

  • Action Photos
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  • Free Spectators
  • Finisher Pint
  • Music & Good Times


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Epic Obstacles

Tough Mudder 5K is full of some of our highest-rated teamwork obstacles, so you’ll need plenty of friends to help you conquer them.

See our Obstacles Here

Why our 5K is better than yours

Don’t think you’re fit enough? Don’t have a team to run with? Don’t think you can get out of bed in time? Pshhhh...we’ve got a rebuttal for every excuse in the book. Check out the links below and learn why Tough Mudder 5K needs to be on your “must-do” list this year.

mudder journey

All Tough Mudder courses involve teamwork, getting outside your comfort zone and a dash of personal accomplishment. With a wide range of distances and intensities, we have a course for you - no matter what stage you’re at in your Mudder Journey. Take a look. Your next Mudder awaits.