Born Barikor's Top Five Running Tips

By Kirsten Rispin | 6 June, 2018


At Tough Mudder we're all about epic obstacles, but whether you're partying at Tough Mudder 5K or tackling World's Toughest Mudder a certain degree of running is also necessary to earn that all important headband.

In celebration of Global Running Day we asked our brand new Official UK Trainer (and London Marathon runner) Born to put together his top five tips for better running. 


5 Top Running Tips

Think you're either a natural runner or you're...not? Not so fast Mudder, try these top five tips and give yourself the best chance at racking up the miles.

1. Not any old pair of trainers will do

Planning on digging out your old stinky trainers that have long been relegated to the back of the cupboard? Think again. The right footwear will support your running technique making you more comfortable and less susceptable to injury.


2. You gotta be hydrated

Keeping hydrated is key to good performance, especially in hot weather and on long runs over 10km. Consider taking a bottle of water with you and taking small sips as you go. Don't forget to replace lost electrolytes after your session as well, Lucozade Sport is a good place to start.


3. Plan your meals

We all know the feeling, you've just devoured a tasty meal and now you can't image ever leaving the sofa. Try and leave at least two hours after a meal before you go on a run to let your food digest and stop you feeling sick or sluggish.


4. Remember to warm up 

When you're feeling motivated it can be easy to want to get right into it but it's important to warm up your muscles to avoid injury. Start every run with 10 minutes of walking and slow running, and do the same after your run. Your body with thank you the next day.


5. Know when to rest

We know you Mudder Nation, you're nothing less than dedicated but knowing when to rest and let your body recover is just as important as knowing when to push yourself. If something hurts when you're running for more than two days, take two days off.


Want more running advice? Check out our running guide designed by none other than Born Barikor.