Arctic Enema

Take a dunk in this 4-degree ice pit. Glass will never be safe again.

Participant submerged in Arctic Enema, catching his breath


Depending on the course designers, you will either dunk yourself or be dunked to enter.


Over 8 tonnes of ice will keep you nice and cool.


Once you emerge, you must again submerge. Nasty.


After what feels like years you will wade your way up and out of the ice chest.

“It’s like the worst brain freeze you’ve ever had, but for your body.”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Arctic Enema.
How To Conquer
Focus and a clear mind. Making it through Arctic Enema is all about understanding that your body will feel shocked from the cold and focusing on your movements through the icy bath. There is no need to panic, once you re-surface from the first dunk, take a breath, plunge under the second baffle and keep your feet moving. You will be out the other side in no time.
Obstacle Training Tips
This obstacle is entirely mental, so it won’t matter how many chin-ups you can do or how far you can run. Everyone will react differently to the sub-zero temperature. While you cannot prepare physically, you can train your mind to stay clear and focused when under duress. Other than that, maybe throw a couple of ice-cubes in your next bath.
Obstacle FAQs
Q: How cold is it really?
A: Cold. Very, very cold.


What started as a variety of ice-based obstacles slowly morphed into Arctic Enema (Hot Shots anyone?). At first, you just had to climb in and wade through the ice. However, as the year’s progressed those crazies in the obstacle innovation lab started to add more ways to ensure that you had to submerge your whole body as many times as possible. Now it really lives up to its name.

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