Welcome to the sweet spot. With a 10 Kilometre course and 20 of our world-famous obstacles to tackle, Tough Mudder 10k is the newest adventure in our obstacle course line-up.


Tough Mudder Headbands


No medals here, just the world famous Tough Mudder Headband. Wear it with pride. #HeadbandMonday

Man in Tough Mudder shirt lifting dumbell

Finisher Shirt

Not only is it clean and dry, it radiates accomplishment. Our technical top is the perfect accompaniment to your bragging rights and the gym.

Participants enjoying Finisher Beer in Festival

Finisher Drink

Cross the finish line and grab yourself some hard earned refreshment. You’ve worked hard, celebrate harder.

Participant smiles as she landed on one of the block of The Blockness Monster

Action Photos

Use our facial recognition to find photos of yourself conquering the course. Post to Instagram. Bask in the glory.

Tough Mudder Event Comparison
Tough Mudder Legion
One not enough? Do more than one Tough Mudder event to start collecting our exclusive Mudder Legion Headbands. The more Tough Mudder events you do, the more headbands you unlock.
Interested in Tough Mudder 10K but have a few questions? We have the answers.
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