2019 Obstacles Are Here

We’ve spent months planning, scheming, alpha testing, beta testing, and hiring our first-ever Chief Obstacle Tester. Now, we can finally announce your 2019 OBSTACLES. We’re doubling down on innovation next season, bringing 10 new or updated obstacles to every single Tough Mudder Classic course and 3 new obstacles to Tough Mudder 5K in 2019.

Can't image how you'll scale Mudderhorn or traverse Black Widow? 2019 training is here, with brand new FREE training guides, workout videos and all the tips and tricks to get fit for the new season. PLUS, over the next few weeks we'll be bringing you obstacle-specific workouts (check out the first two below). 2019 obstacles don't stand a chance.


  • Mudderhorn


    Always wondered what Tough Mudder looks like from 25' in the air? Introducing Mudderhorn. This colossal climb is the tallest obstacle ever seen on any Tough Mudder course in the UK.

    Use teamwork to reach the net, but don’t let the vertigo drag you back down. Victory is at the top, and every Mudder is invited.

    Train for Mudderhorn
  • Augustus Gloop


    Back by popular demand this fan-favourite has been updated to be tougher and even more fun. How do you make this claustrophobic climb more tricky? Add more water.

    You won't just be clambering up the tubes of yesteryear either, we've updated the ascent to make it darker and tighter. We hope you like small spaces Mudder.

    Train for Augustus Gloop 2.0
  • What To Do in New York


    The Gauntlet is Tough Mudder's version of a greatest hits album - multiple iconic sections, each testing a different aspect of toughenss. It’s where good Mudders find greatness and only the strongest will succeed.

    Clocking in at over 100’, this isn’t just the longest obstacle of the 2019 TMHQ season - it’s the longest obstacle we’ve built. Ever.

    Train for The Gaunlet
  • Black Widow


    You'll be wishing you had four extra limbs when you face this web of tightropes suspended over a water pit.

    Grab on where ever you can and hold on tight as the movement of your fellow Mudders causes you to shake, rattle and roll.

    Tough Mudder Top Tip: This was the highest rated obstacle at Beta Testing, work on your core so that you can handle the side-splitting laughter.

    Train for Black Widow .

  • Leap of Faith


    Sometimes, overcoming an obstacle is all about faith.

    And you better have faith (in yourself) if you’re going to conquer this monumental obstacle (and stay dry in the process). Run, jump and commit to clearing a 6’ water-filled gap, then grab tight to the hanging rope net and don’t let go. You’re only halfway home.

    Physical strength, mental bravery and the encouragement of Mudder Nation will see you through.

    Train for Leap of Faith

  • Spread Eagle


    Like Mudders on toast, it's time to spread yourself.

    You've got to drop down on all fours and climb like your Mudder credentials depend on it. Because 30’ of quivering, quaking, non-stop shaking slackline isn’t going to let you off easy.

    Core strength is key, but teamwork rules this obstacle. Lose your balance and you won’t just go down - you’ll take your fellow Mudders with you.

    Train for Spread Eagle
  • Entrapment


    Always fancied yourself as a bit of an action hero? It’s time to embrace your inner Lara Croft as you traverse a 30’ space zig-zagged with electrical wires, that gets increasingly narrow.

    Bend and contort your body to avoid the wires otherwise there’s only one destination - welcome to Shocksville population you.

  • Hydrophobia


    If you don’t like water and small spaces look away now. In 2018 the test version of this obstacle had Mudders facing their most primal fears. In 2019 it’s back as a permanent feature and of course, we’ve upped the ante.

    Enter the water pit where you’ll be faced by multiple semi-submerged pipes. Hold your breath, slip under the surface and squeeze beneath the obstruction.

    Desperate to gasp for air? You’ll be forced to stay low and close to the water by netting that covers the entire obstacle.

  • Texas Hold'em


    Forget keeping your cards close to your chest, this obstacle demands teamwork and cooperation.

    To conquer this see-sawing triangular platform you’ll need to choose a Mudder teammate who can hold your hand and have your back. Trust them to bear your weight, engage your core and shimmy your way to success.

  • Tight Squeeze


    It’s time to get down and dirty in the smallest space you can imagine.

    Don’t let claustrophobia get the better of you as you sink into the mud and drag yourself (and your teammates) through a gap that’s tighter than the tube at rush hour.


Ready to take on these 10 new and updated obstacles? Check out the most popular 2019 events in your area, and decide exactly where you’ll demolish your goals next season.