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Tough Mudder UK is celebrating

5 years

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5 Years Young

If 2017 marks your first ever Tough Mudder you could be mistaken for thinking that we’re as long in the tooth as our bravado suggests. But Mudders who have been with us from the start will know that in the UK our journey has been something comparable to Arctic Enema - short and intense.

No you didn't misread, Tough Mudder UK is turning just FIVE this year.

The Mudder community has shown more dedication and spirit than we could have ever hoped for, and what do we have to show for it? This year we’re putting on a total of 18 Tough Mudder and Tough Mudder Half events across the UK, we’ve introduced our competitive series, added more boundary-pushing obstacles and in May alone we will see 100,000 participants globally head out into the mud - that’s the most Mudders ever in one month.

From us to you.

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Fives Reasons To Love Tough Mudder


Tough Mudder is no ordinary endurance event, and it's certainly not your bog standard mud race either. What sets it apart is a commitment to teamwork at every level.

We don't care if you're the fastest - we’re not timing - what we do care about is that you make it across the finish line with your team.

That doesn’t mean TM events aren’t suitable for solo entries, on the contrary it’s in every Mudder’s blood to offer a friendly hand no matter who’s the recipient.


Tough Mudder obstacles are world famous for pushing the physical and mental boundaries of what a human can do.

From jumping into breathtakingly cold water and ice, to being subjected to a mild electric shock - TMHQ works hard every year to surprise and challenge its participants.

You might not enjoy it at the time but the satisfaction of reaching the top of Everest 2.0 or swinging across Funky Monkey - The Revolution lasts forever, and so do the photos.


It’s not called Tough Mudder for nothing. Every year our aptly named Mudders are dunked in gallons of glorious mud and they absolutely love it.

You might think getting mud in every possible orifice would be disheartening but it turns out humans in mud are as happy as pigs in...well you know.


You don’t have to go far at any Tough Mudder event to find someone facing a physical, mental or personal challenge.

Something about the heady mix of camaraderie and adrenaline gives Mudders the ability to conquer anything and it’s produced some amazing stories over the years.

Add on top of that the huge range of brilliant charities being represented and our official partner Help for Heroes and you’ve got a recipe for meaningful success.


The Tough Mudder mentality doesn’t end at the finish line and it certainly doesn’t wash off in the shower.

Being a Mudder means being part of a community based on shared experience and values - it means being part of the Tough Mudder Legion.

Not only do you get special treatment at your next Tough Mudder event but you know when you spot a TM finisher t-shirt in the supermarket or the car next to you - you’ve got a friend and an ally.