How Mudders have faced their fears on course

On this National Face Your Fears Day, we’re diving headfirst into the world of Tough Mudder, where participants are constantly confronting their fears on some of the most challenging obstacles out there.

We reached out to a handful of brave ‘Mudders’ and asked them to share their experiences and insights on how they’ve tackled their fears amidst the mud, sweat, and adrenaline.

Join us as we unveil the stories of these fearless individuals and discover the incredible ways they’ve conquered their obstacles.

How have you faced your fears?

“Walk the Plank, I was psyching myself out waiting but just went for it”

“Heights, I use to shake going up Mudderhorn… now I help others conquer their fears.

“Deep water, I was shaking doing Walk the Plank, still Can’t believe I jumped”

“Running through Electroshock Therapy, the thought of getting zapped made me incredibly nervous, but with the help of my team mates I ran through and got to the other side”


Get ready to take on your fears at Tough Mudder and conquer world-class obstacles like a champ.

Face your fears head-on and embrace the challenge