Milestone Monday: Shona Harding

Happy Milestone Monday to Shona Harding.

Diagnosed with arthritis a few years ago, she not only conquered but smashed her first Tough Mudder last year.

An absolute inspiration – Discover her incredible journey here.

What brought you to Tough Mudder?

“I wanted to challenge myself. I was diagnosed with arthritis a few years back and since then i’m always up for taking part in exciting events like Tough Mudder”

How was your first Tough Mudder?

“It was fun but hard. One of my big fears is heights so conquering Mudderhorn was huge for me. I may have shed a tear (or two) but I’m so glad I got through it and so proud of myself”


“I’d definitely be up for doing Tough Mudder again, but a lot more training is needed. It’s such a fun experience that really makes you feel a part of a team. Everyone has your back”

Advice for a first timer Mudder?

“Train, train, and train some more. Do all the research you can and prepare yourself. But also enjoy it, it’s such a fantastic experience and the sense of accomplishment afterwards is incredible”

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