Mud With Meaning: Alex Bowen’s Fundraising Story For Mind

In the spirit of Mental Health Awareness Week, we have an inspiring story to share with you. Meet Alex Bowen, an individual with a heart full of compassion and a determination to make a difference.

In memory of his dear friend and fueled by a deep desire to support mental health causes, Alex embarked on a remarkable journey. Running with purpose and passion, he laced up his shoes and took on the challenge of raising funds for the charity Mind at Finsbury Park Tough Mudder.

Join us as we delve into Alex’s incredible story.

Why are you running a Tough Mudder?

Last year, my best friend took his own life and my decision to take part was driven to raise as much awareness for the charity Mind as possible. Mind do an incredible job at providing advice and support to anyone experiencing a mental health problem, so it only made sense to use my platform to raise as much money as possible for the charity. Plus, I have always wanted to do a Tough Mudder and I thought this would really put me to the test and support my training as I gear up to do a 24hr run around the West Midlands.

Do you have any advice & training tips that you could share?

For the past 15/16 years, my focus has primarily been on bodybuilding, driven by a desire to achieve a physically appealing appearance rather than prioritising overall health.

However, since embarking on these challenges to raise awareness for men’s mental health, something remarkable has occurred—I’ve discovered a newfound passion for running. This journey goes beyond running alone it encompasses cycling and swimming as well.

My advice: When it comes to training, prioritise activities that genuinely bring you joy and provide maximum fulfillment. Engage in pursuits that you love and feel genuinely rewarded by after each and every session.

What sort of challenges do you think you will face?

As someone who has never experienced a Tough Mudder before, I must admit I have a mix of nerves and excitement. One obstacle in particular, Electroshock Therapy, seems to evoke a bit of fear in me after watching videos online. However, I’m thrilled to be part of a dynamic team of 10 individuals who are equally enthusiastic about this challenge.

The anticipation is high, and we simply can’t wait to tackle it together


Show your support by making a donation to his fund and being a part of his inspiring journey.

Together, let’s make a difference and shine a light on this important cause.

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