Things You Didn’t Know About Après Mud

Scotland Apres Mud Hero

The perfect post-mud festival and place to be after you’ve hit the course. Après Mud is returning this year and has everyone feeling the pre-mud tingle.

BUT, we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves and we’re sharing some exciting updates with you here and now.

Strap in. Kilt up. Put your Irn-Bru down.

Dropping Tunes As Dirty As Your Shoes

There will be a live DJ supplying the tunes all night. So, we want to see your best moves, Mudders.

Maybe some new, maybe some old. Surely there’s no better time to drop an Electric Shuffle after you’ve just been zapped from Electroshock Therapy and got the electricity still running through you?

Fancy A Wee Bev And A Bite To Eat?

Have no fear, the bar will be near.

Yes, we will have a bar supplying drinks for any thirsty Mudders. We’ll also have food available for any hungry Mudders.

You’ll have smashed the course during the day, you’ve got to celebrate your triumph. Let’s crack open a wee one and toast to that.

Let’s Play A Game

Hold on to your hats, and your kilts…please for everybody else’s sake.

We’ll have all kinds of activities and games coming through the night to keep you moving and entertained. We may even have some prizes…

What games? You ask. That would spoil the fun. Stay tuned for more information and be ready to get stuck in, that’s all we’ll say for now.

It’s Lit

Finally, it’s not a proper party without a bonfire, is it?

Keeping you warm and offering something nice to stare at, that isn’t your muddy family or your other half. We’ll have a bonfire to really bring the festival vibes to Après Mud.

If you fancy something sweet too, we’ll also have the ol’ reliable marshmallows to roast.

We’ll warn you now, anyone found singing Kumbaya or Wonderwall will be sent home.

You’ve Scot To Be There

Scotland always proves to be an event to remember. Previously, we’ve seen Scots show everyone how to party. Undeniably, we know year in, year out, they party as hard as they hit the course.

With this being a firm favourite amongst the community, demand is understandably high and you’ll have to be quick to secure your place.

So, don’t waste any more time. Book now and start working on your best dancefloor moves. Maybe the Worm?