This is it. Tough Mudder Challenge – Fiji starts here. Below you will find the four mandatory activities that you need to complete and track to be considered a Tough Mudder Challenge finisher (and earn your sweet new headband). Over the 21 days that the Challenge runs for, we’ll be adding new rounds of activities in addition to the mandatory ones below. There will be four additional ones each week to keep you on your toes, and you’ll have to complete at least two to cross the finish line.

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The Activities You Must Complete

Mudder, these are your compulsory activities. To be considered a Tough Mudder Challenge finisher (and to earn your swag) you’ll need to complete these four tasks within 21 days. These aren’t for the fainthearted and they’re going to take determination and mental strength. We know you’ve got it in you.

Viti Levu

Putting one foot in front of the other, that’s how you’ll smash through the 106km (66 miles) needed to complete this activity. We’re trecking across Fiji’s widest island and you can get across it however you like; running, cycling, swimming or maybe even rollerblading.

Level Up: Rolling your eyes at the ease of it? Show us you mean business and complete your 106km/66 miles every week for three weeks.

Tracking Instructions:

– Visit your Fiji profile and log in to your account. If you have a qualifying wearable/app, connect your device/app so that your data syncs over (you can do this from your Profile if you haven’t already). Remember to track your workouts so that the data syncs over. Data will sync for running, walking, biking, and hiking exercises that you track.

– If you do not connect a device/app, you may add your data manually after you log in. Simply click on the +Activity button at the bottom. Then select the activity you completed (run, walk, bike, hike, other) and input the distance completed. You may add a picture or two if you wish. Then press Save & Exit to record your data and see your progress circle fill up as you go. 

Mount Tomanivi

Grab your backpack and some serious footwear – we’re climbing Mount Tomanivi. Across the next 21 days you’ll need to rack up 4,344 ft/1324m in elevation whether that’s on foot, on a bike or on your stairs doesn’t matter, your only concern is reaching the peak of Fiji’s highest mountain.

Level Up: Do entire elevation in only 7 days whilst carrying a minimum of 30lbs / 15kgs. Want to really up the ante? Do the 4,344 ft every week (1324m) with the 30lbs / 15kgs.

Tracking Instructions:

Visit your Fiji profile and log in to your account. Click on the +Activity button at the bottom. On “Activity Type” select Fiji from the drop down. Enter your elevation gain in feet, meters, or floors. Add a picture if you wish. Click on Save & Exit to record your data and see your progress circle fill up as you go.

Island Hopping

So you’ve always dreamed of island hopping your way around a tropical paradise? Well…this isn’t much like that. We want to see 333 reps of lateral jumps, 333 reps of mountain climbers and 333 reps of jump squats. (There are 333 islands in Fiji, in case you just thought we were picking arbitary numbers to hurt you with).

Level Up: Complete the full activity (that’s 999 reps) each week, for the three weeks of the Challenge. That’s gotta burn.

What is 1 Repetition? Lateral Jumps – Each lateral bound is 1 Rep. For example, 1 left lateral bound followed by 1 right lateral bound (returning to your starting location) would be 2 total Reps. Mountain Climbers – Each time your knee tucks to your chest is 1 Rep. For example, 1 left knee tuck followed by 1 right knee tuck would be 2 total Reps. Jump Squats – Each time you squat down, jump up, and land back on your feet is 1 total Rep.

Challenge Instructions: Island Hopping

Tracking Instruction:

Visit your Fiji profile and log in to your account. Click on the +Activity button at the bottom. On “Activity Type” select Island Hopping from the drop down. Enter the combined number of reps you completed for the qualifying exercises. Add a picture if you wish. Click on Save & Exit to record your data and see your progress circle fill up as you go.


This is mind over matter Challenger. Check out the obstacle list below and get memorising. Then we’re heading to a beautiful waterfall, also known as ‘your shower’ or ‘the garden hose wielded by someone who will enjoy this more than you’.Turn the cold tap on, hit the water and recite at least 15 obstacles. No peeking. And no getting out until you’ve named every. single. one.

Level Up: Forget 15, call to mind all 25 obstacles on the list. Plus, you might want to throw on your kit before you hit the H2O, you’ll need to hop straight out and run 5K.

Waterfall - Level Up Obstacles

Tracking Instructions:

Visit your Fiji profile and log in to your account. Click on the +Activity button at the bottom. Select the “Activity Type” you completed from the drop down. Add a picture (or multiple) of you completing the activity. Click on Save & Exit to record your completion.

Choose your activities

Week 1
Choose two activities out of the four.
Trick Shot
We hope you’re feeling patient this week. Create your own trick shot using a small ball or object (a ping pong ball is probably the best). Your object or ball must bounce off at least four different items or surfaces before landing in a cup, bowl or basket.

Level Up: Do all that but blindfolded. The ball or object must also bounce off at least six items or surfaces.
Quarantine Cuts
Long lockdown locks are no longer in style. Get your friends or family to transform your hair – the more imaginative the better (no, trimming an inch off doesn’t count).

Level Up: Go it alone, at least then you’ll only have yourself to blame. Embrace change and transform your own hair.
Embrace teamwork and community and make your neighbourhood a cleaner place. Head out and fill one shopping bag with litter from your local area and ensure it’s disposed of and recycled appropriately.

If you fancy a different eco-challenge, then commit to going single-use plastic free for 3 days.

Level Up: Keep going Challenger, fill a large rubbish bag with litter and enjoy feeling smug about good you are for the rest of the day.
Levelling-up on being plastic free? Great. No single-use plastic for you for 7 days, Mudder.
The Gauntlet
What’s in a name? Everything for this activity. Using the link below spell both your first and second names and carry out the corresponding exercises. (If you can’t do a particular move associated with a letter, pick one you are able to complete).

Level Up: Want a little more? Utilise a random word generator and add a word to your name to bring your workout to 20 letters. Complete within one day.

What is 1 Repetition?
Lunges – Each time you lunge is 1 Rep. For example, 1 left footed lunge followed by 1 right footed lunge would be 2 total reps.
Star Jumps (aka Jumping Jacks) – Each time your arms are at your sides and your feet are together is 1 rep. For example, when you jump, spread your feet, and hands reach towards the sky then you jump, bring your feet back together, and your arms return to your sides would be 1 total rep.

Week 2
Choose two activities out of the four.
Oh, Baby
Normally we would say, “don’t be a baby” but for this activity channeling your younger self will probably help. For one three course meal (fancy) eat only pureed baby food with a teaspoon, one flavour per course. Bon appetit.

Level Up: One meal becomes three; eat only baby food for one whole day. Make sure you try a minimum of five flavours.
Who doesn’t love listening to music? Well you might not after this activity. Put on Bring Sally Up and get into a squat position. Squat down whenever the song says, ‘Bring Sally Down’ and you’ve guessed it, up when the song says ‘Bring Sally Up’. Keep going for the whole song.

Level Up: We really hope you like this song. Hit repeat and keep going for 30 minutes.

Mudder vs Wild
Pack your bag Mudder for one night this month you’re camping outside, and you can only bring what you can carry. Once you’re out you must stay out until sunrise – you’re not scared of the dark are you?

Level Up: Embrace the Toughest Mudder lurking inside you and while you’re camping out incorporate a 5 mile run or walk between the hours of midnight and 4am.
Gone Fishing
Patience and a steady hand is required here. Take one bowl and fill it with your favourite ring-shaped food (cereal, crisps, donuts). Then holding a chopstick between your teeth transport 10 pieces of food into the second bowl. If you drop one, you must place it back into the first bowl before trying again.

Level Up: No peeking Mudder. Do this activity blindfolded AND you have to pick up and transport 20 items.
Week 3
Choose two activities out of the four.
Can you Bear it?
Release your inner animal as you face a 200 metre bear crawl. This must be completed in one go but breaks are allowed – we don’t think you’ll need them though.

Level Up: No rests, no breaks and certainly no standing up, shaking off and stretching as you crush a 400m bear crawl. You need to complete the full 400 metres in one attempt. If you have to stop, start again from the beginning.

The Final Countdown
Tick tock. Tick tock. Count the seconds outloud on a clock for five full minutes. Eyes wandering? Start again from the beginning.

Level Up: Double up Mudder and count the seconds for ten full minutes. Discipline is the name of the game.
We’re fairly sure your friends and family will be keen to get involved on this one. Ask your trusted someone to paint your face, either with makeup or face paint. They’re blind folded and you need to direct them. There needs to be a minimum of three different colours/types of make up on your face.

Level Up: Take a stroll around the neighbourhood after your makeover, don’t be shy Mudder.
Shower of Champions
Are you a champion? Of course you are. So you’ll have no problem completing 50 sit ups while cold water pours over you. Complete this in one go but you can take breaks if necessary. Don’t forget to share the videos and photos of you tackling this activity with #ShowerofChampions, you could win an awesome prize from our partner Grohe.

Level Up: 50 sit ups? Pah. Take on 200 and don’t forget to add water.

Track Your Activities