This is it. Tough Mudder Challenge – Marvel Edition starts here. Below you will find the four compulsory challenges that you need to complete and track to be considered a Tough Mudder Challenge finisher (and earn your sweet new Swag). Every week for the next three weeks we’ll be adding a new round of challenges, there’ll be four and you’ll have to complete at least two to cross the finish line.

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The Challenges You Must Complete

Mudder, these are your compulsory challenges. To be considered a Tough Mudder Challenge finisher (and to earn your swag) you’ll need to complete these four tasks within 21 days. These challenges aren’t for the fainthearted and they’re going to take determination and mental strength. We know you’ve got it in you.

Ant-Man’s Block Party

For this activity, you will become the size-shifting, insect-commanding Super Hero known as Ant-Man. Shrinking you down to Ant-Man’s size, that’s 138 times smaller than you are now, you must complete the equivalent to a lap around NYC’s famous Bryant Park / NY Public Library. Sounds easy right? Well, at your new height 0.59 miles becomes 81 miles. Tackle this over the next 21 days and prove that grit and determination is all you need. You can achieve this however you like; running, cycling, swimming or maybe even rollerblading.

Level Up: Complete all 81 miles using a route that is less than 1 mile long. You must accumulate all 81 miles using only this route.

Tracking Instructions:

Visit your Marvel Edition profile and log in to your account. If you have a qualifying wearable/app, connect your device/app so that your data syncs over (you can do this from your Profile if you haven’t already). Remember to track your workouts so that the data syncs over. Data will sync for running, walking, biking, and hiking exercises that you track.

– If you do not connect a device/app, you may add your data manually after you log in. Simply click on the +Activity button at the bottom. Then select the activity you completed (run, walk, bike, hike, other) and input the distance completed. You may add a picture or two if you wish. Then press Save & Exit to record your data and see your progress circle fill up as you go. 

Black Panther’s
Mount Bashenga

In honour of the great Black Panther we’re travelling to Wakanda to scale Mount Bashenga. To reach the mystical nation’s highest point over 21 days, you’ll need to gain 4912 feet (1497 metres) of elevation, all while embodying the superhuman strength and powerful energy pulse exhibited by the Protector, leader, and King. Wakanda Forever.

Level Up: Up the ante and complete at least 500 feet of elevation while travelling backwards.

Marvel Mania

Prepare to start your orgin story. Over the next 21 days you will push your body and mind to the limit as you take on 1,400 reps inspired by some of your favourite Super Heroes.

Wolverine Push-Ups (200 Total Reps). Want to add an extra twist and truly mimic Wolverine’s transformation when his claws come out? Perform the 200 Push-Ups only on your knuckles

Black WidowBicycle Crunches (400 Total Reps, 200 each side)

Thor Kettlebell or Dumbbell Swings (200 total reps) – Don’t have a kettlebell or a dumbbell? Get creative using your Laundry detergent, a gallon of milk, a duffel bag or backpack with a bunch of clothes in it, etc. instead

Captain Marvel Step Ups with Knee Raises (400 Totals Reps, 200 each side)

Captain America Tricep Dips (200 Total Reps)

Alternative Exercises:

WolverineIncline Push-Ups (200 Total Reps)

Black Widow Standing Bicycle Crunches (400 Total Reps, 200 each side)

Thor High Plank Toe Touches (200 Total Reps, 100 each side)

Captain Marvel Single Leg Raises (400 Total Reps, 200 each side)

Captain America Floor Tricep Dips (200 Total Reps)

Level Up: Preparing for your boss battle? Better do 1,400 reps every week instead.

Challenge Instructions: MARVEL Mania

Searching for Infinity Stones

As individual forces, each of the six Infinity Stones possess unique capabilities, but like Mudders when united they are capable of a lot more. To collect the Infinity Stones and complete the activity, you must bob for all 6 stones as fast as you can out of a bucket of water. After collecting each stone, you must recite the Tough Mudder Challenges Pledge. When you have all of the stones, stand up and pour the bucket of water over your head (don’t forget to record this moment of triumph). Share the action on social with #ShowerofChampions and tag @groheUK to be in with the chance of winning a prize from our Official Shower Partner Grohe.

Reality Stone (Red) – Apple

Soul Stone (Orange) – Orange

Mind Stone (Yellow) – Lemon

Power Stone (Purple) – Plum

Space Stone (Blue) – Blueberry

Time Stone (Green) – Grapes

You must complete this in one session. Foods can be substituted for dietary requirements.

Level Up: Give this activity the Tough Mudder treatment and add ice and cosmic food colouring to your bucket of water.

Choose Your Activities

Choose two activities out of the four.
Fantastic Four Hero Carry
It’s time to prove your Super Hero credentials, jump into action and carry your friend to safety. Dress up or create your own Marvel Hero costume, even better, specifically a Fantastic Four costume, and carry a friend or family member 200 meters. If you don’t have anyone readily available, you can fill a duffle bag or backpack with items (minimum FOUR-ty (40) lbs.) and carry it FOUR hundred (400) meters.

You may stop and take breaks but this must be completed in one workout session.

Level Up: Carry your friend or family member for 200 meters and up 50 feet of elevation. You may stop and take breaks. Must be completed in one workout session.
Rocket’s Refreshments
Rocket has dared you to a challenge. For what reason? Just to mess with you.

In this challenge you must line up 6 tablespoonful’s of condiments/food, each inspired by the Guardians of the Galaxy. Condiments can be substituted based on dietary requirements. Number your spoons #1-6 accordingly:

1) Star-Lord – Terran Terra (Mustard)
2) Drax – Destroyer Drink (Green Salsa)
3) Gamora – Galactic Guzzle (Pickle Juice)
4) Rocket – Halfworld Hot Sauce (Hottest Stuff You Can Find)
5) Groot – Planet X Potion (Mayonnaise)
6) Mantis – Pity Purge (Milk)

Roll a 6 sided dice 6 times. The number you roll will be the condiment you eat. Once you eat the condiment, you do not need to eat it again. For example, if you roll 2,2,2,4,5,4 you will eat Green Salsa, nothing, nothing, Hot sauce, Mayo, nothing, and then the challenge is complete.

Level Up: You must roll the dice until you have tried one of each spoon. If you roll an option a second time, fill up the spoon and eat it again. The Level Up activity is not complete until you have eaten at least 1 of each condiment.
Avengers Tower
It’s time to take on one of Marvel’s most iconic skyscrapers, Avengers Tower. To conquer the 1130 feet, Hawkeye needs to maintain his endurance and stamina. So, just like Clint Barton, we’re taking the stairs to the top of Avengers Tower, while taking on New York City. You have 1 day to reach the top of Avengers Tower.

Level Up: Forget one day, this must be complete during one workout.
Black Widow’s Balancing Act
It’s time to break out your balancing skills. For this challenge, you will place an object on your head (glass of milk, a loaf of bread, etc.) and balance it. You must walk a minimum distance of 200 meters (1/8th a mile) while balancing that item on your head. If you drop it, you must completely restart.

Level Up: Swim a lap while balancing the item on your head. You must continue until you have successfully completed a lap without dropping the item.
Week 2
Choose two activities out of the four.
Hang Tight, Ms. Marvel!
When faced with an obstacle, Ms. Marvel can stretch out her limbs and avoid any obstacle. Do your best impression and see how long you can hang in a dead hang position (aka an extended arm pull-up position).

To perform a dead hang, grab a pull up bar or sturdy tree branch and hang from the pull up bar with your arms fully extended. Your feet cannot touch the ground. While you’re hanging, make sure your shoulder muscles are slightly engaged to avoid injury. Minimum 3 attempts.

Level Up: Get your legs involved too and see how long you can hold in a hanging L-Sit.
Hulk Smash
Are you feeling angry? We might not like you when you’re angry. But at least you’ll be able to smash this activity. Blow up 6 balloons, place them on the ground, get into a plank position and one by one attempt to pop the balloons by punching them. Balloons must be placed on the ground and can only popped by your fist. If balloons get away from you, you must bear crawl to maneuver.

Level up: Grease up the Balloons with oil, cooking spray or whipped cream then attempt to pop them.
Avengers Assemble
In the famous words of Captain America, “Avengers Assemble.” As a community built on the principle of teamwork, Mudder Nation knows that you can do even more good and overcome adversity if you join forces.

Create your own Avengers Assemble video. Record your team members, in-person or virtually, embodying their favorite Avengers hero (Black Widow, Thor, Captain America, etc). Common videos include people landing in a familiar pose often portrayed by the specific character or emerging from a swimming pool using a reverse playback video feature. Search “Avengers Assemble Challenge” in your search engine to see additional examples online for inspiration.
Captain America in Training
Captain America is as strong as a human being can be. At the pinnacle of human physical perfection, Captain America has agility, strength, speed, endurance, and reaction time superior to any Olympic athlete who ever competed. This 30 minute HIIT based workout is a true testament to your own strength. Follow along to the pre-recorded workout led by Tough Mudder’s Greg James.

This must be completed in one day.

Level up: Make Cap proud and complete this in one workout. No breaks, rests or pauses.

Week 3
Choose two activities out of the four.
Daredevil: Without Fear
Following a life altering accident, while Daredevils’ loss of sight brought its own challenges, his other senses were strengthened and taught him to live without fear.

Blindfolded for 30 Minutes you must complete one of the following:
– Draw your favorite/favourite Marvel character
– Write out the Tough Mudder Challenges Pledge
– Shoot a basket into the hoop blindfolded from various distances – 5ft, 9ft, 13ft

Level up: Run a mile blindfolded while guided by a friend. Your friend can use their voice and hands to guide you safely. You can also each hold a string or piece of rope to help guide you and stay on track
Galactus the Devourer
Who would you invite to your dream dinner party? Galactus right? Or, as a cosmic entity who consumes entire planets to sustain himself, maybe not… Make a gigantic snack or meal for your oversized house guest – Galactus the Devourer. Make the biggest version you can: A bucket of milkshake, a cookie the size of a cake, a massive pancake – the choice is yours.

Level up: Galactus is hungry. Cook a mega-sized three course meal.
Quicksilver Cardio
Quicksilver Cardio is a speed and agility workout designed to push your cardiovascular system with 10 rounds of multidirectional sprints.

You’ll need three cones or items to mark out a triangle, with the cones 10 meters apart from each other. Each round you will try to sprint as many laps around the cones as possible in 30 seconds. Rest for 30 Seconds between each round.

Sprint forward from your start cone (cone 1) to cone 2 (the cone to your right). Upon reaching cone 2, turn left to sprint to cone 3. Upon reaching Cone 3, backpedal quickly back to cone 1. This 1 lap. Complete as many laps as possible in 30 seconds. Watch Greg James’ video for demonstration on how to perform the activity.

Level up: Complete Cardio with Quicksilver three times during this final week.

Luke Cage Crawl
Luke Cage doesn’t bother with a fancy costume. He doesn’t wear a cape. He doesn’t hide behind a mask. He’s a simple guy with a simple goal: protect the people of New York. In Luke Cage Crawl, leave your cape behind and bring your strength and durability as you bear crawl 200 meters uphill, while soaking wet. This must be completed in one day but you are allowed to stop and take as many breaks as needed.

Level up: Bear Crawl backwards 200 meters uphill, while soaking wet. This must be completed in one day but you are allowed to stop and take as many breaks as needed.

Track Your Activities

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