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November 14, 2015

World's Toughest Mudder: Vegas


Event Details

WTM Recap

Event Location


Travel Time

Las Vegas: 35 mins.

Los Angeles, CA: 4 hrs., 30 mins.

Phoenix, AZ: 4 hrs., 40 mins.

Rest of World: Please consult your favorite travel agent.

Contender Pricing

Regular Entry
*Only 1000 tickets available at this price
Standard Entry
* Limited availability
Late Entry
* Limited availability
Final Entry
* Limited availability

*The price shown includes a mandatory $50 insurance fee.

Pit Crew & Spectator Pricing

Pit Crew

Event Overview

World’s Toughest Mudder® Presented by Cellucor is the culminating event of the Tough Mudder® global calendar, and takes the concept of being a Tough Mudder to a whole new level. Designed to push Mudders℠ to their physical and mental limits, this extreme competition puts the world’s most hardcore Mudders through a grueling 24-hour obstacle challenge with double the obstacles per mile of any other Tough Mudder event.

Unlike any other Tough Mudder event, World’s Toughest Mudder is a competition, with three official categories designed to find the toughest man, woman, and 4+ person team on the planet, plus cash prizes and other awards up for grabs, including an award for the largest World's Toughest Mudder team. In fact, this year we've partnered with Cellucor to kick things up a notch - okay - 100,000 notches. If you and your team of 4+ all complete 100 miles or more at WTM 2015, we're giving you $100,000. Think we're kidding? Well, we're not.

But more than a competition, WTM is the unofficial end-of-year gathering of Mudder Legion. As TM's only truly global event, it offers both the opportunity for regular Tough Mudder teams to come together to face the most challenging of all Mudder events, while also offering the chance to meet and become friends with Mudders from around the world.

Check out the WTM 2013 official video here. For video footage of past WTM events, click here for the 2011 WTM official video, and here for the 2012 WTM official video.


Located 35 minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip (the event’s first major obstacle is leaving the partying until afterwards), and just 30 minutes from Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport (LAS), Lake Las Vegas is an ideal venue for the 2015 World’s Toughest Mudder. The site contains several hundred acres of rolling desert landscape and runs alongside a massive freshwater lake. Several natural terrain features and use of the lake will be incorporated into the WTM course design. Temperatures are also expected to fluctuate significantly between day and night.

Race Format

WTM 2015 is a 5-mile circuit race with 20-25 of Tough Mudder’s insane obstacles, including the debut of new 2016 obstacles and a handful of WTM only obstacles, at a rate of 4 obstacles per mile. Participants set up camp in an area called “The Pit” in order to rest, recharge and refuel during the event – aided by up to 2 “Pit Crew” per participant (see below). When it’s over, the event winners will be the man, woman and team (4+) that achieve the most laps in a 24-hour period between 2:00:00pm, November 14th, 2015 and 2:00:00pm November 15th, 2015 (participants then will be given until 3:00:00pm on Sunday to finish their final lap). Important Format Updates in 2015:

Event Timing
  • Race Begins 2:00:00pm Saturday, November 14th, 2015 and Ends 2:00:00pm Sunday
  • Participants will have (1) additional hour to complete their last lap on Sunday
  • Last Lap Rule Change: All participants intending to earn the official Black 24hr headband must complete a “Final Lap” after 1:00:00pm on Sunday to be eligible for the 24hrs of WTM.

Team Relay Format **UPDATE**
  • Based on participant feedback the Team Relay Format has been removed. WTM 15’ will no longer feature a team relay /li>
  • WTM 15’ Team rules will follow the same format as previous years. Basic Outline:
  • --- Must be in a team of (4) or more
  • --- All teams must start and finish each lap as a team

WTM Eligibility

Before you consider entering World’s Toughest Mudder®, you must understand this event will push you to your limits and beyond. Only those who are in top physical condition, maintain (or are willing to initiate) a regular workout regime - and most of all who have completed multiple Tough Mudders or events of comparable difficulty - should even consider registering.

Ultimately, however, this event is not about how fast you can run or how much you can lift or having a set of six-pack abs. It is about having the determination, strength, stamina, and mental and physical grit to go 24 hours, alongside the most hardcore Mudders on the planet, and beyond what you ever thought you would be able to accomplish. Whether your goal is 25 miles (nearly 1/3 of the field), 50 miles, or 75 and beyond, those who register for this event must be prepared to put in a lot of hard work before event day. Because when it comes to World’s Toughest Mudder, you better show up as the best version of yourself–or not at all. If that sounds like something you want to do, then WTM might be for you. If not, then please type http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com into your web browser and spend your hard-earned dollars there instead. (We hear their new line of duvet covers are just luxurious.)

Official Rules

Click here to review the official rules for World's Toughest Mudder 2015 (please note that these are out of date and will be updated in the coming months).

Due to the expected volume of returning past WTM participants, the global draw of Las Vegas, and the initiation of the Mudder Legion program, WTM 2015 is expected to sell out prior to the actual event. If you are considering entering, please do not delay in purchasing your ticket.


You’ve seen Tough Mudder. But never like this. Volunteer and be part of this epic event so you can run a Tough Mudder for $20 in 2016. It could be your training run and you never know, you could be ready for WTM next year. Volunteer now.


Click here to book your hotel at Lake Las Vegas. Tough Mudder has partnered with the Westin Lake Las Vegas and the Hilton Lake Las Vegas to offer you the lowest rates at two properties in walking distance to the event. Act now to secure your rooms as these properties will sell-out.

Book Accommodation

Pre Event: Expo & Course Briefing

Come join your fellow World’s Toughest Mudders and TMHQ staff for a pre event registration, gear expo, and Official WTM 15’ Course Briefing. This event, on a property near Lake Las Vegas, and will include exclusive WTM merchandise, Race Gear demonstrations, and a session on course tactics with the WTM Course Designer. Also, our official Tough Mudder photographers will be on site taking Tough portraits.

Post Event: Awards Ceremony (Brunch)

For the first time we will be hosting a post event brunch and Awards Ceremony. The ceremony will feature the WTM Champions, Official Top Prize giveaway, Recap video and photos, and Official WTM Merchandise and memorabilia. This will replace the onsite awards celebration. The location and ticket price will be be determined in the coming months. Please stay tuned.

Awards and Prizes

WTM 2015 Prizes

Special awards given to those achieving the following:

25 miles — 25 Mile Recognition

Awarded — 25 Mile Recognition badge

50 miles — 50 Miler Award

Awarded — The Brown WTM Bib

75 miles — 75 Miler Award

Awarded — 2016 Season Pass

Awarded — The Silver WTM Bib

100 miles — 100 Miler Award

Awarded — Free Entry to WTM 2016 & 2016 Season Pass

Awarded — The Orange WTM Bib

125 miles — 125 Miler Award

Awarded — Lifetime Tough Mudder entry

Awarded — The Black & Orange WTM Bib

Team Relay 2015 Prizes


Category Winners

Two additional prize categories exist at World’s Toughest Mudder:

BLACK OPS — For the most laps completed between sunset and sunrise. Only laps started after sunset and completed before sunrise will count towards winning the “Black Ops” award. Regular WTM lap completion rules apply. Nighttime rules apply.

Awarded — Free Entry to a Tough Mudder

Awarded — The Black WTM Bib

FASTEST LAP — Awarded to the participant completing the fastest first (1st) lap.

Awarded — Free Entry to a Tough Mudder

Awarded — The Green WTM Bib

Specialist Awards

One-of-a-kind recognitions of some of the amazing feats that happen during WTM, including:






Tough Mudder encourages WTM participants to wear their WTM-earned bibs at regular Tough Mudder events.

Place Men Women Team
1 $10,000 $10,000 $12,000
2 $4,000 $4,000 $6,000
3 $3,000 $3,000 $2,000
4 $2,000 $2,000
5 $1,000 $1,000

Course Map

Coming Soon

Course Details

COURSE TYPE: Circuit Course

Course Conditions

Rolling Hills

What's New

Longer swims: 100-200 yrds
Unique obstacle selection: Debuting new 2016 TM obstacles (Only appearing at WTM)
Greater elevations gains: 800 ft+ of gain over 5 miles
Challenging terrain: Desert gullies, steep cliffs, rolling hills

World’s Toughest Mudder Pit Crew

Even the World's Toughest Mudders need some support.

The role of the Pit Crew is to support WTM Contenders, both in the Pit and in race strategy. Being a Pit Crew member this year gives you better access than at past events. WTM 2015 will allow special access for Pit Crew members in the timing tent to view, sort and print race results for competitor review and overall race strategy. Pit Crew will also be permitted to stay in the Pit for the full 24 hours of the competition, with unlimited access to enter and exit the Pit.

Navigate to the "event details" tab at the top of the page for more info.

Event Details

  • Pit & Pit Crew


  • Waivers

    Safety first

  • Pit Kit

    Don’t leave home without it

  • Parking & Check-In

    When you arrive

  • Course Details



Need a place to stay? We have special room deals for World's Toughest Mudders at Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort and Spa.


We offer pre-paid parking at most Tough Mudder events. Please stay tuned for email updates and check back closer to event weekend for more parking information.


    • Everyone knows it can be tough at the top, but this tough?

      Should tough guys — or even Tough Mudders — blub? And if so, should they share it with the world? It turns out that the answer is “yes”. Will Dean, for example, has embraced his new-mandom, despite building up the world’s largest obstacle course company and running very fast in an attempt to get back to a slower lane.

    • Good Morning Britain's Susanna Reid and Kate Garraway Get Down & Dirty in Pitiless Tough Mudder Challenge

      They're usually seen preened to perfection for their stint on daytime television. But it was a different story on Wednesday afternoon as Good Morning Britain's Susanna Reid and Kate Garraway swapped their on-set sofa for mud-infested park as they took part in the relentless Tough Mudder challenge.


Event Timeline

From pre-event to post-event, our timeline makes sure you never skip a beat.

See Timeline

Congratulations to our World’s Toughest Mudder winners

2014 Men's Winner

Ryan Atkins

AGE: 27

Number of laps completed: 19

Time: 22:30:46

Prize: $10,000

2014 Women's Winner

Amelia Boone

AGE: 31

Number of laps completed: 15

Time: 24:57:52

Prize: $10,000

2014 Team Winner

Team Wolf Pack

AVG. AGE: 30

Number of laps completed: 15

Time: 22:44:49

Prize: $12,000

Miguel Medina, 27
Dennis Welch, 35
Mark Jones, 33
Hunter McIntyre, 26

2013 Men's Winner

Ryan Atkins

AGE: 26

Number of laps completed: 20

Time: 23:02:41

Prize: $10,000

2013 Women's Winner

Deanna Blegg

AGE: 44

Number of laps completed: 17

Time: 24:58:23

Prize: $10,000

2013 Team Winner

3AM Waterfalls

AVG. AGE: 33

Number of laps completed: 20

Time: 23:02:41

Prize: $12,000

Kevin Lasko, 32 - Point Pleasant, NJ
John Fagan, 34 - Sykesville, MD
Jeremy Bucalo, 33 - Shrewsbury, PA
Tony Fontana, 34 - Laurel, MD

2012 Men's Winner

Junyong Pak

AGE: 34

Number of laps completed: 9

Time: 25:21:58

Prize: $15,000

2012 Women's Winner

Amelia Boone

AGE: 29

Number of laps completed: 9

Time: 25:30:54

Prize: $15,000

2012 Team Winner

Nine Inch Males

AVG. AGE: 23

Number of laps completed: 6

Time: 23:15:35

Prize: $15,000

Zachariah Price - Stanhope, NJ
Jonathan Roman - Stanhope, NJ
Scott Roman - Stanhope, NJ
Stephen Roman - Stanhope, NJ

2011 Men's Winner

Junyong Pak

AGE: 33

Number of laps completed: 7

Time: 24:05:53

Prize: $10,000

2011 Women's Winner

Juliana Sproles

AGE: 42

Number of laps completed: 6

Time: 24:05:53

Prize: $10,000

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Event Photos

Our photographers will be out on the course taking action shots of you and your teammates. They'll be capturing the good, the bad and the ugly. We make you mark your bib number on your face and an arm or leg. How else are you going to find your picture when you're caked in mud?