How to Tough Mudder

Everything you need to about Tough Mudder

What is Tough Mudder?

Tough Mudder is a range of obstacle courses and mud runs with teamwork and personal accomplishment at their heart.

Whether it's a 5K or 10-mile course, you can expect world-class obstacles, a unique sense of camaraderie and an atmosphere like no other.

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How to Tough Mudder

So you've booked your Tough Mudder ticket - or you're thinking about it. What now? This is where we come in. From how to create your team to the best way to physically prepare and what to bring on the big day, below you'll find everything you could ever want to know about doing Tough Mudder. And doing it right.

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    What to Expect at Your Event

    How long is it? Will there be mud? What obstacles can I expect? Get to know your format.

    Tough Mudder Classic
    Tough Mudder 5K
    Tough Mudder 5K Urban
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    What Obstacles are on Course in 2019?

    The best bit about Tough Mudder? The world class obstacles that you just don’t get anywhere else.

    With 25 obstacles on the Classic course and 13 on every Tough Mudder 5K you can expect a mix of well-known Tough Mudder obstacles (Everest, Block Ness Monster etc) and brand new innovations (Mudderhorn, Black Widow…).

    2019 Obstacles
  • 5K Training

    How to Train for Tough Mudder

    “Do I have to train for Tough Mudder?” It’s probably the most common question we hear. The answer is no, especially if you’re taking on Tough Mudder 5K. Tough Mudder isn’t a race, no one is timing you and no one will force you to do burpees if you walk or even skip an obstacle.

    However, Tough Mudder can be a great motivation for getting fit. If you do want to train then we have training guides, workout videos and tips and tricks to make sure you're swinging and climbing and running in no time.

    Start Training
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long will the course take? Will there be food and drink? How can I change my start time?

    We've compiled the answers to these questions and all the other ones you'll have so that you rock up on event day knowing exactly what to expect.

    The Answers You Need
  • Block Ness Monster

    What is the Tough Mudder Competitive Series?

    If teamwork challenges, mud, and trail running are just a little too easy for you then behold the Competitive Series. These events are timed but still all about teamwork.

    World's Toughest Mudder
  • Fancy Dress

    What Should I Wear to Tough Mudder?

    Whether you're going all out with a team fancy dress or just want an outfit that won't slow you down, we've put all of the basics in one place.

    From comfy trainers to suncream, these tips will make sure you leave with your dignity intact.

    What to Wear
  • Mudder Village

    What is Mudder Village?

    Mudder Village is where newly-headbanded Mudders go to celebrate and it’s at every single event including Tough Mudder 5K Urban.

    This is where you’ll find your street food, craft beer, music and partner activations. There’s plenty to do for participants as well as spectators, who will be able to watch Mudders take on obstacles in and around Mudder Village.

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