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Being a Mudder℠ is all about taking on the obstacles in your life and the enormous sense of accomplishment that you feel when you overcome them.

Everyone loves an underdog story. Some, if not most, of histories most memorable sports moments involve nail-biting David vs. Goliath matchups with everything on the line. Throughout the years, however, countless amazing, storybook-like team achievements have seeped through the cracks of sports history.

Here are four of our favorites:


A Tough Mudder course is no stranger to side-splitting creativity, and coming into Tough Mudder Los Angeles, we knew LA Mudders would set the costume bar for the 2015 event season.

Needless to say, we were not disappointed. Here are our top on-course costumes from TM LA.


Before running a big event like Tough Mudder, we look for ways to pump ourselves up. We might dust off our old Jock Jams album, look to mentors for words of wisdom or continuously loop the Rocky-Ivan Drago fight (spoiler alert - Rocky wins). But what if instead of looking outside of us, we started looking inside of us for confidence and self-assurance?


Nearly 10,000 participants took on our Redefined obstacles at Tough Mudder Los Angeles 2015. Among them were several celebrities who signed up to test their own strength and mental grit. If you found yourself thinking “where do I know them from?” while helping someone over an obstacle, here are your answers.


So you’ve got a phobia or two. Congratulations, you’re human. 

Even though fears can be paralyzing, conquering them is within your power. Every Tough Mudder event, we see thousands of people accomplish things that mere hours ago they thought were impossible.

Having talked with countless Mudders who have overcome their fear of heights, closed spaces, failure and more, we’ve learned a thing or two about flipping fear the finger, and it’s about time we shared our findings. 


First there was Tough Mudder. Then there was World’s Toughest Mudder. Then came Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder. Throughout the years, however, one vital demographic remained untapped: babies.

That’s why this year, TMHQ is introducing the first-ever toddler-centric obstacle course for children 18 months to three years old and standing at least 1-foot tall: Baby Mudder.


Camping is the best way to maximise your 2015 event weekend experience. To prove it, we have compiled five of the best reasons to include camping in your Tough Mudder preparation. We also got the thoughts of a couple of our veteran Legionnaires, Chris and Sonya, on why they see camping as an integral part of their TM experience.



Thanks to your amazing response to Tough Mudder 2015 and all the new obstacles, this season is set to be the biggest and best yet. While we have listened to your thoughts on our new obstacles, we also make sure we listen to your feedback about the event as a whole. You’ve been vocal about the decision to remove the t-shirt from the Tough Mudder experience so we’re making a change.

Everyone who completes a Tough Mudder event in 2015 will get a Tough Mudder t-shirt for each event you sign up for.