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Being a Mudder℠ is all about taking on the obstacles in your life and the enormous sense of accomplishment that you feel when you overcome them.

Just because school is back in session doesn’t mean that the fun and games need to stop. Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder is keeping the summertime vibes of fitness, friends and fun alive at 2015 Tough Mudder events across the US and UK.

At Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder, children over 42 inches tall and between ages 7 and 12 get a chance to tackle a muddy 1-mile, kid-friendly obstacle course designed by Tough Mudder's very own course designers.


Over two million Mudders have crossed our finished line, and chances are, wherever you live, you’ve passed a few without even knowing it.

If you’ve crossed paths with Texas’s Brian “McMudderton” Muttee, however, you’d know for certain he’s a Mudder, as Brian wears Tough Mudder on more than just his sleeve.


In an ongoing effort to mold Coach into the best Mudder he can be by getting him way, way out of his comfort zone, we (“accidentally”) signed him up for trapeze school during a recent visit to New York City.

See how he handled the pressure in Episode 10 of Coachified.


In honor of 2 Million Mudders crossing our finish line, throughout the month of August, we'll be highlighting the personal fundraising efforts of inspiring Mudders. To learn more about running and raising for charity, visit our official 2 Million Mudders page.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. But look at any photo of Kai Madden running a recent Tough Mudder and a thousand questions probably come to mind.


A few months ago, two Australians won a trip to one of Tough Mudder's most famous destination events - Tough Mudder Whistler. In today's episode of Coachified, Coach catches up with his Aussie mates after the finish line and encourages them to keep the training going.