Experience VIP with our enhanced Mudder Passes

We have taken our Mudder Passes to a new level for our 2021 season. Our 2021 Passes include a new suite of perks which are guaranteed to make 2021 a year to remember. From exclusive swag, to Mudder Village Passes for your guest – You can take your Tough Mudder experience to a new level.

Upgrade Your Year

Our super-charged 2021 Mudder Passes are your ticket to the best value and experience Tough Mudder has to offer. Ever. Along with as much mud as you can handle, you’ll secure yourself exclusive swag, bonus guest passes and a suite of unique perks. Did we mention you’ll get a limited edition bib and dry bag when you purchase a Season Pass? Go on, you know you want too.

Choose your 2021 Pass

London Pass
Season Pass
Digital Entry to Tough Mudder Challenge(s)
Merchandise Credit
Mudder Village or Lidl Mudder Passes
Yearly Merchandise Discount
Seasonal Passholder Bib
Limited Edition Tough Mudder Dry Bag
UK 2021 Season Map
Discount on Companion Tickets
Invitation-only Events and Previews
Mystery Gift Item
VIP Customer Support Email
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Buy Now
BUY PASS + ETM: £499
Have Questions?
Find the answers you need to make the most of the mud in 2021.
How can I use my pass?
After purchasing your 2-Pack, 3-Pack, London Pass, Season Pass, you’ll be able to view your purchase in your Active account. Follow the instructions below to register for an event with your Race Pass code.

1. Login to your Active Account.
2. Once logged into your account, locate your Race Pass.
3. Select the blue button that says Copy race pass code.
a. Your Race Pass code begins with letters RP, such as RP-05YFX53P.
4. Under Available Events select the event you would like to attend.
5. A new window will appear showing the registration menu for the event you selected. Select the event that you would like to participate in and click Continue at the bottom of the page.
6. On the next page enter your Race Pass code (RP-05YFX53P) into the Coupon Code box and select Continue at the bottom of the page.
a. Be sure to input your code on this page. It will not work if you try to enter the code on the check-out page.
7. Review your order details and then select Complete
8. On the order details page, you can select blue View My Events button on the right hand side to view your event in your Active account.
What are the rules and regulations?
• All Mudder Passes & Bundles are for personal use only and may not be shared, sold or transferred with another participant.

• Mudder Passes & Bundles code, name, email address and birth date must match your purchase to be allowed entry into the event. You cannot use your passes & bundles to purchase registrations for other people.

• The deadline to register for each event is the Friday before the event at 11:59pm, local time. If you do not register for an event by this time, you will not be able to participate in the event.

• Mudder Passes & Bundles are only valid on 2021 events and will not be accepted when purchasing 2022 event tickets.

• Unused Race Pass codes will expire on 31/12/2021 and are not transferable to 2022.

• The London Pass and Season Pass are not eligible for entry into First Mud, Tougher Mudder, Toughest Mudder, World’s Toughest Mudder Events (Season Pass+ will grant you access to World’s Toughest Mudder).
What’s included in a London Pass?
Let’s get at it Mudder. With the London Pass you will get to experience our 4 events in the area for 2021. Our London Pass comes with more perks than ever, including:

• 1x complimentary Tough Mudder Challenge digital entry for 2021

• £20 Merchandise Credit (off of purchase of £60 or more), good until 31/12/21

• 10% off Tough Mudder Merchandise year round

• 5x complimentary Mudder Village passes or Mini Mudder entries

UK: London South, London West, City Series – Finsbury Park, City Series – Morden Park
What’s included in a Season Pass?
The 2021 Season Pass has arrived and it’s loaded with the type of benefits and goodies that will make you forget 2020 for good. Our Season Pass comes with more perks than ever, including:

• Unlimited UK 5k and Classic entries

• Free Digital-Only Entry to all 2021 Tough Mudder Challenges

• Season Passholder Bib

• Limited Edition 2021 Tough Mudder Dry Bag

• UK 2021 Season Map

• 10% off up to five Companion Tickets (5k or Classic Only)

• £50 Merchandise Credit (off of purchase of £125 or more), good until 31/12/2021

• 20% off Merchandise until 31/12/2021

• 1 complimentary Mudder Village pass or Mini Mudder entry every time you run

• Access to invitation-only Season Passholder events and previews throughout the year.

• VIP customer support email for the 2021 season

• Mystery Gift Item

Purchase the Season Pass+ option to also take part of Europe’s Toughest Mudder – Midlands 2021.
I already have a Season Pass or a Lifetime Pass. Do I get the perks as well?
Many of our most loyal Mudders had already secured their 2020 season pass in late 2019, and due to COVID– their passes were rolled over to the 2021 season. As a BIG thanks for sticking with us, we’re including many of the new perks for free, including the merch credit, merch discount, companion discounts, and complimentary Lidl Mudder and Mudder Village passes.

If existing Season & Lifetime passholders want to secure the gear kit (bib, dry bag & poster) as well as the Digital Challenges access and mystery gift, they can upgrade their existing pass here for £59.
Do I need to pay for parking and bag drop if I’m a passholder?
No. All of our tickets in the UK are inclusive of parking and bag drop.
When will I get my perks?
2020 Merchandise Credit: We will send you your unique code in November 2020.

2021 Merchandise Discount: We will send you your unique code in December 2020.

Bib, Dry Bag, Map: We will be delivering all these items in January 2021

Companion Code: We will be delivering this codes in January 2021

Mudder Village / Lidl Mudder Passes: We will be delivering this codes in January 2021
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