New 2017 Obstacles

The Gift of Mud

Get up close and personal with the all-new 2017 Obstacles by getting on course next year. With more Legionnaire exclusives than ever before don't wait to secure a spot on course. What are you waiting for?

New 2017 Obstacles
Legionnaire Exclusives


Lock in your spot to test all the new obstacles yourself in 2017.


2017 New Obstacles

  • Augustus Gloop

    As Mudders wade downwards in a sloping pit of water toward the the sight a towering vertical tube, all they can hear is the daunting sound of rushing water. Once inside the claustrophobic tube, Mudders will have to clamber up the inside while fighting against a constant downpour of water. Imagine climbing up a waterfall inside a mine shaft. We did, so we built it.

  • The Reach Around

    Much like the name implies, this obstacle is going to challenge Mudders to reach up and grab hold of something they cannot see. After scaling up the face of this structure, at a backwards 45 degree angle, Mudders will be forced reach up and around the overhang and pull themselves up and over the top. Reach, feel, grab - you get the gist.

  • Arctic Enema - The Rebirth

    The Tough Mudder Obstacle Innovation Lab is determined to create the biggest, baddest brain freeze on planet Earth. Mudders will now be forced to plunge head-first through a tight, dark tube into the ice-laden water before having to upright themselves and duck back under a barrier to get out the other side. Arctic Enema is now truly the ultimate mind f*ck. Mission accomplished.

  • Funky Monkey - The Revolution

    Hear no weakness. See no weakness. Speak no weakness. Funky Monkey’s evolving and this time around, we’re giving the second half a fresh spin. Monkey bars are just the start, as Mudders will now have to take on a series of revolving wheels that only get more complicated as you get closer to the finish. Hold on tight…

2017 Legionnaire exclusives

  • Kong

    Introducing our new 2017 Legionnaire-exclusive finisher obstacle: Kong. 30 feet up, and nowhere to go but down. Just keep those sights set on the next ring and keep swinging - if you want to earn that headband.

  • img

    Snot Rocket

    This Legionnaire twist on Augustus Gloop will have you gasping for air. In Snot Rocket, Legionnaires will slog through a chest-deep water pit with only a few inches of air, but they’ll need to climb through a dark, waterlogged tube before they get to freedom.

  • img

    Stage 5 Clinger

    We’re giving new meaning to the phrase, “keeping things at arm’s length.” It’s all biceps, triceps, and teamwork at Stage 5 Clinger. Legionnaires will do their best to hang on for dear life on an inverted 45 degree wall as they try to keep the ground - 20 feet below - from getting too up close and personal.

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    Black Hole

    It’s black-out time at Birth Canal. Just don’t get sucked into this Black Hole - there’s no way of knowing where you’ll end up. It’s a squeeze, but keep crawling toward the light at the end of the tunnel on this Legionnaire exclusive.

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