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Top 10 Reasons 2017 is Going to be Epic

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With LESS THAN 50 DAYS TO GO until the 2017 Mudder season we wanted to let you know a few of the EPIC reasons this year is going to be better than ever.

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10 reasons 2017 is Epic


Take 20% off any Tough Mudder or Tough Mudder Half event in 2017 - just use code: 50DAYSTOMUD to lock your spot on course. Hurry, offer ends 16 March at 11:59PM.


Top 10 Reasons Why 2017 Is Going To Be Epic

  • #10: Innovative New Obstacles

    We’re rolling out brand spankin’ new obstacles and refreshing some of our classics to bring you the most innovative and challenging courses you’ve ever seen or will see (until next year).

  • #9: Teamwork

    Tough Mudder puts the T in Teamwork, and if that wasn’t corny enough, we also put the M in it. But really, your crew will have more opportunities to lift each other up than ever before.

  • #8: NEW Competitive Series

    Tough Mudder is and always has been a challenge, but now it’s also a race. This season, we’re offering a 3 part race series comprised of Tougher Mudder, Toughest Mudder, and World’s Toughest Mudder. Complete all 3 in one year, and achieve the elusive Holy Grail.

  • #7: Mudder Legion Upgrade

    We’re pumped to be able to share all new Legionnaire exclusives on and off site for our incredibly talented and devoted community of muddy hooligans - including the all new Legionnaire finisher obstacle: Kong.


    More Mud. More Scenery. More Kickass Memories. In 2017, we’re bringing new all new course designs and taking South West to a brand new, historic and mud-soaked venue.

  • #5: Electricity

    Electroshock Therapy is the OG of Escaping the Ordinary. So naturally, we’re bringing back this classic obstacle so that you can fire up your weekend with 10K volts.

  • #4: Top Tier Training Programs

    We’ve stepped up our training game so you can step up yours. Check out our line up for our comprehensive 2017 Training Guide.

  • #3: Tough Mudder Half

    You asked, we listened. We’ve crammed 13 of our Mudder-favorite obstacles into 5 miles for Tough Mudder Half, the most fun weekend you’ll have all year. And we’ve brought it to even more locations this year.

  • #2: LIVE Coverage of our events

    Last season, we brought you live coverage from the mud via Facebook Live, Snapchat, Periscope, and more. This year, we’re bringing you even more coverage from our courses around the World.

  • #1: All the Motivation You’ll Ever Need -- No Excuses

    Tough Mudder is a perfect excuse to get yourself moving or to get out of that awkward Saturday lunch with your in-laws. In 2017, your journey to and through the mud will provide you with more opportunities for self improvement than ever before.

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