Devil’s Beard

Support sustainable fishing by getting yourself caught in a smotheringly heavy net instead.

Get low

Crouch down, so you can move at a quicker pace under the net

Head down

Let your back take the brunt of the friction of the net and keep your arms and legs lower so they don’t get caught

Give yourself space

Try lifting the net with your arm, if you want to try and walk through crouching down

Side by Side

Go with your team member, so both of you can keep the net higher and less restrictive.

“Looked easy, but got caught up in the net a few times…my friend and I couldn’t stop laughing”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Devil’s Beard.
How To Conquer
Get low and use your arms as a way to hold the thick, heavy netting above you. Commence army crawling your way under or if you have the core mobility, bend you body in half and walk under, with your back taking the majority of friction on a ‘smooth’ surface so your head & arms don’t get caught.


Simple, yet effective for the challenge. Devil’s Beard has been with Tough Mudder for years & makes it’s appearance on course when you least expect it.

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