Tough Mudder Classic and Tougher Flex Tickets

Sometimes life can be tricky to plan for no matter how much you want to work towards that goal or book a day out with your friends. To help you and your team get your muddy fix but without the stress of committing early we’re introducing the Tough Mudder Classic and Tougher Mudder Flex Tickets. Simply book your Tough Mudder Classic or Tougher Flex Ticket and pick which event works for you, whether that’s in 2020 or 2021, right up until the day before your event. The choice is yours.

Tough Mudder Classic Flex Ticket
Book your Tough Mudder Classic Flex Ticket today for just £85 and take on 10 miles of muddy trail running and 25 best-in-class obstacles, anywhere in the country.
Tougher Mudder Flex Ticket
Ready to push yourself? Buy the Tougher Mudder Flex Ticket for £99 and you can take on our timed, competitive Classic course whenever you’re ready.

Here’s How It Works:

After purchasing your Tough Mudder Classic or Tougher Mudder Flex Ticket, you’ll be able to view your purchase in your Active account. Follow the instructions below to register for an event with your Flex Ticket code.

1. Login to your Active account.

2. Once logged into your account, locate your Race Pass.

3. Select the blue button that says Copy race pass code.
      a. Your Race Pass code begins with letters RP, such as RP-05YFX53P.

4. Under Available Events select the event you would like to attend.

5. A new window will appear showing the registration menu for the event you selected. Select the event that you would like to participate in and click Continue at the bottom of the page.

6. On the next page enter your Race Pass code (RP-05YFX53P) into the Coupon Code box and select Continue at the bottom of the page.
      a. Be sure to input your code on this page. It will not work if you try to enter the code on the check-out page.

7. Review your order details and then select Complete

8. On the order details page, you can select blue View My Events button on the right-hand side to view your event in your Active account.

Rules and Regulations:

Your Flex Ticket code, name, email address and birth date must match your Flex Ticket purchase to be allowed entry into the event. You cannot use your Flex Ticket to purchase registrations for other people.

The deadline to register for each event is the Friday before the event at 11:59 PM local time. If you do not register for an event by this time, you will not be able to participate at the event.

Unused Flex Ticket codes will expire at the end of the 2021 event season. Codes and pre-registered events are not transferable to 2022.

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