Stack Up The Laps

Our newest endurance experience — take on multiple laps of the Tough Mudder course to rack up distance.

The adult version of “choose your own adventure,” it’s time to set your sights on a new goal, and new hardware.


Tough Mudder Headbands


It wouldn’t be a Tough Mudder without a headband. Tackle the challenge, earn yours, wear it with pride.

Tough Mudder Bib

Participant Bib

Every athlete receives a participant bib to rock during (and after) each event.

Tough Mudder Medals

Finisher Medal

Earn the all-new Tough Mudder Infinity medal (and the right to call yourself an Official Finisher) by completing at least 20km on race day.

Participants running from the starting line

Chip Timing

Every lap will be timed and tracked so you can focus on making progress every time you hit the start line.

Two cars parked outside the venue

Parking & Bag Drop

Take the stress out of event day with the logistics included in your ticket. Simple.

Everything You Need To Know
We’ve got the answers to all your Infinity questions.
What is the start time for Infinity?
Infinity racers will take the course at 7:45AM– with first access to fresh mud and fresh obstacles.
How does it work?
All Infinity racers complete a first lap of the 15K course. After they cross the finish line, they can choose to stop at the dedicated quick pit to grab any personal items or nutrition. They’ll then choose to stack on another 15K or 5K lap, and rack up as many laps as possible before the cut off time.
How much time do we have?
Infinity starts at 7:45AM. The last time to start a 15K lap is 1:45PM. The final time to start a 5K lap is 3:45PM. The course will be cleared at 4:45PM, exactly 9 hours after the start.
Is it timed?
Yes. All Infinity racers will have an active timing chip to clock your laps, and on-course timing points will automatically detect whether you’re on a 5K or 15K lap. Lap tracking boards at the finish line will show you where you’re at in comparison to the field.
Is Infinity a race?
When you’re racing Infinity, you’re racing against yourself and the clock — with the aid of 300 fellow Infinity racers and 6,000 other Saturday Mudders. There are no winners and losers, but you’ll earn exclusive achievements once you hit 30km, with new award levels for every additional 5km. Elite athletes fast enough to finish 60km in the allotted time will receive an exclusive gold medallion (not to mention the bragging rights).
How do we get around course?
You’re running the same 15K and 5K courses that other Saturday Mudders are on. With your Infinity bib, you’ll have access to dedicated lanes to ensure you don’t need to wait — but unlike an overnight Toughest event, you’ll have 6,000 teammates to help you on your journey.
Are there penalties?
Yes – just like Toughest and World’s Toughest, obstacle completion is either mandatory or requires the completion of a penalty. At Infinity, penalties are completed at the Race Center between laps.
Does this count toward the Holy Grail?
Of course. Infinity is the first step towards earning the Holy Grail. Add in finishes at Toughest and World’s Toughest and you’ll have earned yourself the ultimate bragging rights.
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