Last weekend, we witnessed an epic display of endurance at Tough Mudder Infinity Alula.

Mudders from all over stacked up as many laps as they could in the Middle Eastern desert.

Among them were some incredible UK participants who have shared their unforgettable experiences with us.

Dive into their stories below💪🏽🏜️

Wil Chung

Why did you sign up to run Tough Mudder Saudi?

  • Its a long off season and I was looking to break up the winter and enjoy some obstacle course racing in the sun.

How did you train for the event?

  • I run 3/4 times a week and I do circuit/functional classes 3 times a week. The classes are a little different each time just to keep it interesting.

What challenges did you think you would face?

  • The sand and the heat. I checked to see the temperature and it was going to be around 30C from around 10am.

How did you find the course?

  • The event actually was a little easier than anticipated. I think us Brits brought some good old British weather and whilst the day before and after was sunny and high 20s, on the day it was low 20s but over cast.
  • The course itself was fantastic, just the right amount of elevation for infinity and whilst most of the trail was good hard compacted sand. It was beautiful, running through two very large stone formations.
  • Arctic Enema / Ice Bath was so much colder than the UK version, I do not know how they managed to get so much ice in that water the whole day int eh middle of the desert.

What did you find most difficult on course?

  • I didn’t struggle on any of the obstacles, however there was a few times that gusts of wind nearly took me of Twinkle Toes. Crawling through obstacles definitely became more of an issue as the day went on.

Will you run another Infinity event?

I’ve ran a few Infinity races before in the UK and love the format. This year I have all of them booked as well as working towards Europe’s Toughest Mudder and then World’s Toughest Mudder.

Megan Aurora

Why did you sign up to run Tough Mudder Saudi?

  • I really fancied giving myself another desert challenge after doing Spartan Abu Dhabi a few months ago. There’s just something unrelenting yet exciting about this terrain. I’ve never been to Saudi Arabia and I thought this was a great opportunity to tick it off.

How did you train for the event?

  • The only thing i’ve amended to my usual training schedule is upping the weekly milage. I didn’t know the elevation profile of this course so i’ve been keeping the hills in and hitting 1000m of elevation a week.

What challenges did you face on course?

  • The wind was honestly insane – blowing sand EVERYWHERE. It got stronger and stronger throughout the day and trying to run in to it when you’re exhausted was just something else. The weather really wasn’t what anyone was expecting and the cold I felt towards the end of the race was quite a shock. I was not prepared to be dithering in the desert! The course itself was epic though and I’m really happy I travelled all that way to take part in this event.

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