Augustus Gloop

After the 1000th complaint about our muddy courses, we decided to just blast runners with a fire hose while they climb up an enclosed tube.

Look Forward

Keep climbing, Mudder – water will be rushing down on top of yous so to avoid water in your eyes keep a forward glance VS looking up.

Get a grip

With the water rushing on top of your, take your time scaling up the wet ladder for a firm hold so you don’t fall.

Tight Squeeze

Tuck your shoulders in as you climb in the small space

“Wet & wild!”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Augustus Gloop.
How To Conquer
Think think & don’t look up. Climb the ladder ensuring both your hands and footing have a firm grip on each ladder section. Keep your hands on the ladder close to your chest, since the tunnel you have to scale is on the smaller side. File under: wet & wild.


After taking a sabbatical in 2021, Augustus Gloop is BACK in the tail end of 2022 with a wet & wild climb Mudders love to brag about.

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