Hero Walls

Discontent with the 80's hogging all the fun, we created these behemoth 8' walls as an ode to freedom.

Up & Over

Communicate with the Mudder up top to give you a pull up

Spot your Fellow Mudder

Whether it’s a boost or fall support, keep an eye out for others in Mudder Nation

Running Start

Hop up to the top and try and use your upper body strength to pull yourself over if you’re tough enough

Lend a hand

Once you have made it ot the top, give another Mudder a hand

“Got a boost from a fellow Mudder, thank goodness!”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Hero Walls.
How To Conquer


Looks simple, but this obstacle has stuck around as a legacy obstacle since it encourages one of our favorite elements: teamwork.

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