Introducing the Repeat Offender Program


New season. New challenge. Introducing: The Repeat Offender Program. What’s that, you ask? It’s your chance to be recognised for your chameleon-like adaptability and top-shelf epic-ness when you run two or three Challenge Series event formats within a year (Jan-Dec).

Whether you’re a Tough Mudder 5K Ninja, a Tough Mudder Half Hero or a Tough Mudder Full Crusher, the Repeat Offender Program is your chance to take it to the next level and earn the recognition of your fellow Mudders in the process. Because as a Repeat Offender, you know the goal isn’t winning. It’s kicking ass, stepping out of your comfort zone, and conquering multiple event formats like the obstacle-mad Mudder you are.

Make 2018 the season you bust out of that muddy rut and try your hand at a brand new event format. Because one taste of Mudder Nation might be life-changing, but it sure isn’t enough. So go ahead. Conquer. Rinse. Repeat.

5 Kilometres. 10+ obstacles.
  • Tough Mudder's Cousin in the City
  • Exclusive Tough Mudder 5K finisher headband.
  • Forget plodding around the local park with your headphones in, Tough Mudder is here to turn your boring Saturday morning 5k on its head.
5 miles. 13 Obstacles.
  • Mudder-favorite teamwork obstacles without the ice or electricity.
  • Exclusive Tough Mudder Half white finisher headband.
  • A unique, fun teamwork experience when another ordinary weekend just won't cut it.
10 miles. 20+ Obstacles.
  • Epic new 2018 obstacles.
  • Exclusive Tough Mudder Full orange finisher headband.
  • Entry into Tough Mudder Legion.
  • The event that started it all. Find your best at the original Tough Mudder.


What is The Repeat Offender Program?

The Repeat Offender program recognizes Mudders who participate in more than 1 Challenge Series event format within a calendar year (Jan-Dec).

How do you earn your place in The Program?

Run 2 or 3 of the Tough Mudder 5K, Tough Mudder Full a Tough Mudder Half events within a calendar year (Jan-Dec), starting this year. Example: if you run Tough Mudder Half at London West and you run Tough Mudder 5K in Manchester - congrats, Mudder, you’re officially a Repeat Offender.

What You Get


2X Repeat Offender


3X Repeat Offender


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