Scotland 2021 Cancelled


We wanted to provide an update to those who were impacted by the last minute cancellation of Tough Mudder Scotland earlier this year.

We are now seeking legal advice from Scottish Law Firm, Gilson Gray LLP, regarding all possible legal remedies which may be pursued relating to our being required to cancel the Tough Mudder Scotland event which was due to have taken place at Dalkeith Country Park, Scotland on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 July 2021. This followed the decision by the General Purposes Committee of Midlothian Council to suspend the Temporary Public Entertainment Licence which they previously granted on Wednesday 30 June 2021, which was communicated by email on the evening immediately before the event, resulting in significant disappointment to approximately 2,500 Mudders due to participate per day over the weekend event; and the loss of the significant expenditure already invested in the event up to that point.

You may start to see some media coverage which is why we wanted to ensure Mudder Nation is kept up-to-date with the situation. We continue to be awed by the support we received from the community, not only in the wake of the Scotland cancellation but throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and our return to events this year, so as always thank you from everyone at TMHQ.


After the heartbreak of Tough Mudder Scotland and two extra weeks of waiting, we can finally say we have had our Mud Revival. Tough Mudder London West took place this weekend, the sun was shining, the mud was flowing and our return to events was everything we knew it would be (and more).

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The TMHQ team are on the ground busy dismantling our Mud Revival event in Scotland. We wanted to take a moment to say the most heartfelt thank you for your support, understanding and kindness. This is a mighty obstacle to overcome, but we are buoyed by the strength of our remarkable community. The best community on the planet.

Scotland 2021 event design
02/07/2021 – 18:27

Scotland Mudders,

Tough Mudder Scotland 2021 event 3 & 4 July has been cancelled.  

At 18:27 this evening we received communication from Midlothian Council that our issued license to host this event was revoked. This intervention comes just 48 hours after the Council voted to support our event license, having reviewed the latest guidelines and considered the extensive safety measures we’d put in place. 

It’s a maelstrom of emotions right now: We’re grateful to the team for the months of work they put in with the Council, accommodating every request made and consistently demonstrating we could deliver a safe event. We’re deeply frustrated with this last-minute revocation. And we’re devastated not to be able to celebrate a return to in-person events with you, our Mudder community.

We know you’re also devastated. Together we’ve waited over 600 long days to get back in the mud. And we’ve worked really hard to ensure our Scotland Mud Revival would be an unforgettable reunion. Over 75 crew members working around the clock to build the event. 7,000 finisher drinks on ice. 1,500 tonnes of dirt. 37 obstacles constructed. A team of our Mudder Volunteers already on site. Instead of having a lot of dirty, tough fun with you all this weekend, we’ll be dismantling the fully constructed site. And longing for the day we get to give you, our Scotland Mudders, your long-awaited Tough Mudder experience. 

We know there are far-reaching implications from this last-minute event cancellation.  

For you, our Mudders who’ve waited patiently to get back on course and been understanding as we’ve made numerous adjustments to the event, not least to start times, to accommodate Council requests. For our contractors and suppliers, who’ve worked tirelessly to build the event whilst navigating the ‘new normal’ of COVID protocols. Who, like many of you, have endured months of business and financial uncertainty. And the team at TMHQ, who left no stone unturned in their quest to give you a world-class, COVID safe event. 

We were ready to deliver your event. We know many of you have traveled hundreds of miles and spent good money to be here. The irony is not lost on us that just this past weekend, almost 16,000 rugby fans gathered together in Murrayfield, just 10min up the road. We will continue our challenge of the decision to ensure other customers and other businesses do not suffer the same unreasonable last minute reversal of previously granted permissions.

What happens next? 

  1. Please do not come to the event site. 
  2. Choose what to do with your ticket:

Consider the following options available to you and record your choice on this form.

  • Transfer your ticket to the 2022 Tough Mudder Scotland event
  • Switch to a Flex ticket, redeemable at a 2021 or 2022 Tough Mudder event in the UK
  • Apply for a refund

Once you record your choice on the form, there is no need to contact customer service. 

Thank you again for your continued, unwavering support, your patience and your kindness to our staff. We will overcome this, and we will get back in the mud together.


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