It doesn't matter if you're taking on city-centre challenges or hitting the mud, having the right kit is always going to be important.

With that in mind we asked our brand new apparel partner Dare 2B to select the best of their techwear to make sure your ready to take on the 2019 season.

What to Wear


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Tough Mudder UK's apparel partner Dare 2B have selected the best of their techwear to help get you prepared for Tough Mudder.

  • What To Do in Whistler


    Whether you're taking on the city-based Tough Mudder 5K Urban or jumping straight into the mud a lightweight t-shirt is the place to begin. Dare 2B's men's Institute Wool Tee will keep you cool as you run, jump and crawl your way round the course.

    It also comes with built in odour control and some serious stretch - perfect for pulling your team over Tough Mudder challenges left, right and centre.

    The women's Efficiency Venilated T-Shirt also features breathable mesh strips and is made from the same stretchy and quick-drying material.

  • What To Do in Colorado


    Leggings and fitness tights are great for anyone taking on Tough Mudder, with plenty of stretch they'll allow you to move freely over and under obstacles.

    These women's Gumption Print Fitness Tight from Dare 2B are quick-drying too, so you won't get weighed down by mud or water.

    The men's Dare 2B Abbacus Lightweight Fitness Tights are a full-length tight with an elasticated waistband and internal drawcord. Made from the same breathable Q-Wic fabric they'll keep the hot and sweaty look to a minimum.

  • What To Do in New York


    We love dunking Mudders, from Block Ness Monster to Funky Monkey if you're coming to a Tough Mudder 5K or Tough Mudder Classic event you're going to get wet.

    These water-resistant two-layer shorts are made from lightweight, moisture-shedding polyester meaning you won't take half of the water pit with you.

  • What To Do in Chicago


    There are plenty of physical and mental obstacles on our courses, so discomfort need not be another one.

    This Dare 2B Commence Bra - Cropped Workout Top will give you a supportive fit and with no seams and a mesh back, you'll be as comfortable and cool at the finish line as you were on the start line.

  • What To Do in Nashville


    Gloves at Tough Mudder are always a contentious subject. Some Mudders swear by them, others wouldn't dream of wearing them.

    If you want to give them a try the Dare 2B Pertinent Gloves are super soft and stretchy and come with a textured palm and suedette thumb for extra grip.

  • What To Do in Nashville


    These are a big one. Make sure the shoes you pick have plenty of tread, support your ankles and are suitable to take impact from multiple sides.

    Wearing the right shoe can prevent serious injury so make sure to avoid shoes with flat bases or fashion trainers.

    Top tip: Leave the football boots at home as well, you'll make a lot of Mudders unhappy if you try to climb up them with studs on.