Augustus Gloop

After the 1000th complaint about our muddy courses, we decided to just blast runners with a fire hose while they climb up an enclosed tube.

Look Forward

Keep climbing, Mudder – water will be rushing down on top of yous so to avoid water in your eyes keep a forward glance VS looking up.

Get a grip

With the water rushing on top of your, take your time scaling up the wet ladder for a firm hold so you don’t fall.

Tight Squeeze

Tuck your shoulders in as you climb in the small space

“Wet & wild!”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Augustus Gloop.
How To Conquer
Think think & don’t look up. Climb the ladder ensuring both your hands and footing have a firm grip on each ladder section. Keep your hands on the ladder close to your chest, since the tunnel you have to scale is on the smaller side. File under: wet & wild.


After taking a sabbatical in 2021, Augustus Gloop is BACK in the tail end of 2022 with a wet & wild climb Mudders love to brag about.

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These 8' walls have a bit of a hangover - and now it's your problem to deal with.

Grab a Leg

Once you make it up, have Mudder’s who are scaling this wall lift their leg up to hoist them up and over

Offer bottom Support

Keep that Mudder going, if your team member is struggling – be their support to push them up to the lip.

Offer top support

Grab an arm, a leg or simply communicate strategy. Anything helps when you have crushed the obstacle yourself.

“Didn’t think it was possible when I can up to Skidmarked, but a fellow Mudder gave me a hoist up & over!”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Skidmarked.
How To Conquer
Give your go at a running start to jump up and try to grab hold of this steep, angled wall to then pull yourself up and over. This is easier than it sounds, so unless you have been crushing pullups in your Tough Mudder training (good on you, if you have) – try your best at this tactic. If this doesnt work, look for a hold point (a supporting beam) or lend the knee of a fellow Mudder to hoist you up.


Often duplicated, never replicated. This slanted wall has made Mudder re-think their upper body strength for almost 10 years.

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Devil’s Beard

Support sustainable fishing by getting yourself caught in a smotheringly heavy net instead.

Get low

Crouch down, so you can move at a quicker pace under the net

Head down

Let your back take the brunt of the friction of the net and keep your arms and legs lower so they don’t get caught

Give yourself space

Try lifting the net with your arm, if you want to try and walk through crouching down

Side by Side

Go with your team member, so both of you can keep the net higher and less restrictive.

“Looked easy, but got caught up in the net a few times…my friend and I couldn’t stop laughing”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Devil’s Beard.
How To Conquer
Get low and use your arms as a way to hold the thick, heavy netting above you. Commence army crawling your way under or if you have the core mobility, bend you body in half and walk under, with your back taking the majority of friction on a ‘smooth’ surface so your head & arms don’t get caught.


Simple, yet effective for the challenge. Devil’s Beard has been with Tough Mudder for years & makes it’s appearance on course when you least expect it.

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The only place you'll find hole-y water on the course.

Step Lightly

Don’t stomp through the swamp on this one. Tread carefully and feel for the holes.

Look Around

See where that guy just fell? Don’t step there.

Embrace the Mud

Face it – you’re getting muddy. Might as well laugh about it.

“Don’t be hasty. Those holes are SNEAKY.”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Pitfall.
How To Conquer
Move slowly here and step lightly here, because there’s not much more that you can do to prepare. The holes are deep and random, so don’t go stomping.


Originally devised by a sneaky excavator in the early days of Tough Mudder, Pitfall introduced a simple element of surprise that’s hard to top.

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Crawl with grace through these inverted tubes, because there will be no dignity when you flop out the other end.

Kiss of Mud

We've given you 14" of space between the ground and the barbed wire. The choice between mud and blood is yours.

Participant crawling lowly to avoid barbed wires

Army Crawl

Use your knees and elbows to get you across to the other side

Low Ceiling

With only so much clearance, make sure to keep you head low to avoid the gnarly barbed wire

Wet & Wild

Uneven surfaces lurk below the muddy madness

Low & Slow

Take your time to avoid getting pricked

“There is no getting out from this obstacle clean!”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Arctic Enema.
How To Conquer
Pause to reflect on your first move and channel your inner commando crawl. Get on your hands and knees and aim to get as low into the mud as possible. Perform a forward motion army style crawl keeping your head low, to avoid the barbed wire. Surfaced will be uneven below the wet, muddy surface – so expect the unexpected.


Anywhere we can get away with throwing barbed wire into the mix, that obstacle becomes an instant classic. Kiss of Mud is known for not holding back and leaving Mudders crawling out from the obstacle covered head to toe in the muck.

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Electroshock Therapy

All the muscles in the world won't soften the blow of 10,000 volts.

Participants linking arms while going through Electroshock Therapy


Just start running and don’t stop.


Wet sloppy mud that makes you slip and the electricity worse.


Obstacles dotted among the wires to trip you up.

10,000 VOLTS

That’s right. You will feel it.

“What the hell just happened?”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Electroshock Therapy.
How To Conquer
Don’t overthink it – there may well be a correlation between the time spent procrastinating and the number of shocks… Psych up (a battle cry may help) and charge straight into the belly of the beast. Run like hell, cover your face and remember to get back up quickly if you do go down.
Obstacle Training Tips
There are not many recommended ways to train for this obstacle. However, keeping your feet is very important. So work on your balance and stability when moving over uneven ground. Working on your footwork, agility and ability to change direction quickly will all be beneficial. But in the end, just close your eyes and run.
Obstacle FAQs
Q: What does it feel like?
A: Being hit in the head by an angry ghost.


Perhaps Tough Mudder’s most controversial obstacle, this simple structure remains largely unchanged from its inception and earliest days on course. A field of wires dangling from a rectangular frame, clicking as 10,000 volts crackle through them. Over the years mud, trenches, rows of hay and even a grandstand have been added to enhance the spectacle. A right of passage for most participants and favourite amongst spectators who enjoy watching the carnage.

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Mud Mile

A puddle of mud is an inconvenience. A series of 10' deep, rolling mud mountains is a privilege.

Participants exercising teamwork to conquer Mud Mile


You’ll need to grab a muddy hand to get through this one.


From knee to waist deep, these watery pits will be waiting.


So steep and so slippery. Almost impossible to scale alone.


You will be covered. Truly covered, in mud.

“The dirtiest experience my friends and I have had in years”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Mud Mile.
How To Conquer
It’s time to get dirty. Really dirty. Grab your friends and be ready to get utterly covered in the soft sloppy stuff. There is no alternative but to slip into the mud and work your way through. Grab hold of all those sloppy helping hands to haul yourself up and over mounds of mud.
Obstacle Training Tips
There is not much you can do in the gym to get prepped for an obstacle like this. Your training time is going to be much better served to convince a bunch of your friends to be right there alongside you, down and dirty, in the trenches.
Obstacle FAQs
Q: How dirty do you really get?
A: There will be mud in certain places for weeks…


Mud has been an integral part of Tough Mudder since the first event in 2010. From a simple, non-lined excavation, filled with cold water and straw, the experience developed and the focus shifted to real muddy mud. As it evolved it became more about its positive attributes – slides, awesome photos, helping hands, and outrageous fun reminiscent of childhood. With this aim in mind, Mud Mile evolved into what we see today.

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Run fast, jump high, and reach for a helping hand over this greased 13' quarterpipe.

Participant preparing to jump on Everest


Just like a half-pipe only bigger.


Many Mudders waiting to haul you up to the top.


This means the only thing to grab a hold of is another Mudder.


Make sure you hit top speed at the right time.

“Just look for those helping hands. Your team will get you over the summit.”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Everest.
How To Conquer
Just like the real thing, to reach the summit of Everest you require planning, deep breaths and the help of a team. Take a running start and keep your feet moving as you head up the vertical section – run up it, not at it. Lock your eyes onto an outstretched hand and leap towards it. Finally, allow the team of Mudders to haul you up and over.
Obstacle Training Tips
While it might seem like strength is a key part of hauling yourself up and over the summit, you will have help. The key is to make sure you get the running start right. Working on both your running and lower-body explosiveness will give you the best chance of hitting the incline just right. Keep your eyes on the prize and those legs pumping.
Obstacle FAQs
Q: How will I know when to jump for the hands?
A: When you think you have run far enough. Take a couple more steps.


Originally a bit shorter than what you see on course today, Everest has stood the test of time. First introduced to the course in 2010, while it has seen changes to structure and materials, the design, premise and enjoyment of this obstacle have stayed the same since the beginning. A true legend.

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